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1.6 hdi 2006 keeps stopping whilst driving !!!
Have a 2006 1.6hdi and having a serious problem with the
Van continually stopping now and again had it plugged into the computer and it brings up code p0193 diesel pressure signal fault I did buy a new a genuine sensor and put it in when I bought the van 6 months ago could it be this again or can any one help thanks
Hello welcome to the forum good to have you with us have you kept the van well serviced fuel filter
As Jed says , fuel filter being blocked usually brings up that code.

Get that changed first of all.
Vans serviced religiously every 6 thousand it was doing it just before service was due and first thing I done was service the van but no difference
And as part of the service you changed the fuel filter?

Have you done a leak off test on the injectors?
Not the injectors either they were done up no time ago yes filter was changed
??? Any one
Do you mean the injectors were tightened up ?

If so that is not the same as doing a leak off test , a leak off test is used to determine that the injectors are working correctly
Would the injectors cause her to just stop and when she's driving she's going perfect no smoke or power loss would it be a sensor some where as it's intermittent problem or does any one no any one in Northern Ireland could look at her for me
Are you sure your not pulling in air from a fuel pipe not fitted right on the filter or a small hole in one of the pipe's
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