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Berlingo; at last!
Back in June I posted a thread containing
"Please, please, please, independent rear suspension on your next Berlingo car!".
My post went on about my March 2013 car's neck snapping jerks caused by its rigid rear suspension. I never got a reply so read on.. The web said that it had 'independent' rear suspension. My one doesn't!
On the 29th July I received the brochure in the post and it said "Independent trailing arm suspension with semi-deformable transverse beam ... and anti-roll bar".
On Tuesday I tracked down a brand new Berlingo VTR (even had the transit foam blocks still attached to the front doors). This one took diagonal road humps in its stride - lovely! The dealer said there had been no change that they knew about.
In other words mine, chassis no: VF77J9HP0DJ591278 was non-standard and I was ripped off. I can't afford the £7500 quoted to change it for the latest model.
Please, does anyone know if my suspension can be updated or if the independent suspension can be retro fitted?
If you don't have independent suspension,what do you have? What is the layout? You can't expect advice/comments with just a possibly (I think certainly) inaccurate statement.Confusedcratch:
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
Are you confusing the rear beam for a solid axle ? It has radius arms with their own torsion springs and dampers on both ends.
So where does this bit go then ?
(07-08-2014, 07:22 PM)ron Wrote:  If you don't have independent suspension,what do you have? What is the layout?
I'll describe as best I can what I saw when I put my Berlingo up on a hoist.
Each rear wheel is at the rear end of a trailing arm. Each arm is pivoted on a transverse chassis beam. Just to the rear of the pivots the two arms are transversely connected by a thick tube. I examined this tube very carefully but could find no evidence of any way it could twist in order to allow the two arms to move independently. There was no evidence that this tube had ever twisted.
In other words if say the left rear wheel lifts over a sharp bump the right rear wheel is raised relative to the car by exactly the same amount. To compensate for this the whole car jerks sharply to the right. Another way of looking at it is that my Berlingo cannot roll on corners without lifting the inside rear wheel off the road.
It was very obvious that the new Berlingo I drove recently has 'Indendent trailing arm supension'. Presumably the 'semi-deformable transverse beam' allows this.
To clinch my case; if you stand beside the rear of the new Berlingo which I tried it is easy to rock the car by pushing sideways at roof level. My car is rigid. (I mentioned diagonal road humps. I can't cross these even at walking speed. The car is dangerous.)
Maybe you know of someone in Citroen UK to whom I could forward this complaint on what is otherwise a very nice car. He/she might know if my transverse beam could be made 'semi-deformable', probably requiring the 'anti-roll' bar.
And there is no smaller bars wrapped around the thick tube?

There should be three , two torsion bars and an anti roll bar.

Do you have dampeners?

Could you post a pic?

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