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Worth spending money for MOT??
Hi all,

My little 2001 multispace 1.9d is due its mot end of the month and tax I know it needs a bit work, top mounts possibly springs etc... Body has scratches dings etc..
It's seats are horrible orange blue and the drivers has collapsed is ripped etc (been looking for a replacement but they are tough to source) is due end of the month. That's £123 for 6 months
it's pretty roughish So it needs a bit spending I only paid £500 for the van as a stop gap so do you think its worth spending another £500 to fix it up?

The thing is it starts first turn of the key regardless and has never let me down and became quite attached!! Big Grin The kids bash by it on the drive I don't mind it is what it is.
Or shall I keep my cash and just scrap it in and buy something newer??
Advice much appreciated

Why don't you get a pre mot on it?

Cheaper than an mot but will give you a good idea of what needs fixing and the cost.

Then you will have a better idea of where you stand.
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As homeruk said then you know what your out lay will be if you like her that much just do it as she will not let you down and you will not have to worry about the paint work :thumbsup:
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Even if you get a newer one there's no guarantee that it will be perfect.
If it is reliable and the engine is good, repair will still be cheaper then replacement.
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Yeah the pre mot is prob the best option I'm going to book it in and see what they come back with.
Another 'quirk' it has is one day after fuelling up,I paid for fuel gets back in motor I couldn't get the steering lock off ? So I wiggled key and pulled it back a mm or 2 in the ignition and hey presto it works?? Now I have to do this every time thought the key was worn but I don't have to do this in the door or fuel locks? I've tried cleaning and oiling but different so I'm guessing the barrel is at fault??
Popped into main stealers who suggested new key and £130. But I'm not convinced it's not the ignition barrel but they want £70 per hour to check lol
I'll put up with the extra 'security' it's added to wannabe car thieves who may think of breaking into my house to steal my keys to pinch it and sell abroad with the other exotica they have stole with the keys lol

Do you have a spare key you can compare the key to?

Have you tried the spare key?
I don't the car only came with the one key that's why I went to the main dealer they wanted £60 for the new key and £70 to program it!! That's near enough 25% of what I paid for the car haha..
Timpsons is cheaper for spare keys.
You could try and see if your local council has a MOT test centre, they are supposed to be the best place to take older cars as they are not looking to make money off you for repairs.
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Well guys the van had its MOT today to see if it was getting repaired or scrapped??
It bloody passed!! I couldn't believe it I thought he was winding me up before hitting me with the long list of fails!! :lol:

Said I had small amount of sticking in the drivers top mount ( so it's booked in tomorrow for that to be done) but the car itself was a solid little thing!! Cool

So looks like our ownership will be lasting a little bit longer I'm over the moon...

I just ned to find a drivers seat now with some cushion to it!!? Any ideas guys? Tried flee bay etc but they don't seem to come up? Or is the an alternative that will fit? Ain't bothered about different looking as I have seat covers on anyway...


(10-08-2014, 03:26 PM)homeruk Wrote:  Timpsons is cheaper for spare keys.

Do the keys not have immobilisers built in?? In all fairness it doesn't look like it does it seems fairly thin with a bit of movement in the plastic housing?
If not ill pop in this week and try one has to be worth a punt I think...
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