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I want to start customising my mk2 multispace
Hi guys, need some help.

I am starting to customise my mk2 2003 multispace and I need suggestions.
i have already customised the sound system and I have put a interdiction kit on to the car just need help on the outside, I would like to get 17 inch alloys but yet again don't know which ones and i am also getting a straight through exhaust system but apart from that I don't know what else to do.

and if there is anyone that can help then its you guys Smile.

Hell Yeah B player!
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Haha thanks mate have you got any ideas ?
You are wiring up a sound system in there, yet you want a straight through exhaust? Isn't that counter productive? Kids these days, you should be more worried about sound insulation
This should complete the boom box van and the 17" chrome spinner wheels ( ). And I take it the van is most likely diesel right?
Jokes aside, I'm not sure what you want help with. Give us more information on what you are trying to achieve and even then pimp my ride style is not really somebody on here can advice you on

ye ye
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I don't think so because the sound system is for better sound of the music and I don't have my music blasting, with the straight through exhaust is to make the car sound nicer and to put a couple of horses back into the car also I have already insulated the car .
Haha spinners mad I was thinking about alloys that have thick sporks like muscle car alloys

And no not a van it's a multispace and 1.6 petrol, I'm trying to make the car look smart and sound lush but not stupidly loud like the boy racers.
Also would like to put a little bit more performance in to it .
I see. That turned out pretty much completely in the opposite direction I expected. Well if you have some tools and knowledge on a bit of DIY there are definitely things you can do to improve the 1.6. It's best if you make a list and tackle things gradually, or just take it off the road and get everything sorted in one hit. Are you planning on doing the work yourself? My first advice is don't waste your money on 17" wheels if performance is on your mind.
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Haha what was you expecting ? I have limited knowledge but I know a great mechanic hydrologic lift so he'll be doing the fitting. And things like what ? I would like to make a list but first I need to know what I am going to do to the car .

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