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Oily EGR valve
Have a 2001 Bling Diesel, with the DW8 engine. It has just passed the MOT (Yay!).

Just doing a cursory inspection and noticed that the EGR valve is quite oily and that there is a small amount of oil in the air intake pipe from the filter.

Is this "normal" given that the EGR valve hasn't been cleaned in yonks or is something broken causing this?

Do I clean it all out with carb cleaner and see what happens over time?
That's usually normal.

The crankcase breather vents to the air intake ducting and ends up in the egr.

Its one of the reasons a lot of people either vent it to atmosphere or build a catch pot for it.
I have my van breathing to atmosphere ( catch pot ) rather than back into the inlet and have disabled the egr by blocking the vac lines to the egr valve. After cleaning all the muck out and doing the above the van drives much sweeter. Depending on the amount of build up it could get expensive cleaning with carb cleaner, diesel or petrol is much easier and cheaper - most people carry a spare gallon can don't they ?
has any one got a pic of a catchpot,, i have exact same problem and it causes my engine to splutter and stall only when cold

also, their is a box halfway up the air inlet pipe, when i shake it, its like their is liquid in it,, anyone know is this normal or can i clean it out
Catch pot - cut a washing up liquid bottle in half and feed the vent into it with some flexi pipe eg garden hose.

Liquid ? shouldn't be any. Remove the piping and tip it out.
Box ? Air plenum chamber / air flow sensor chamber perhaps, either way there should be no liquid - see above.
tnx Geoff,,will give it a try, i tried tipping it out but nothing coming out dont know why,, what does this box do??
What does it do ? Sorry Joe I don't know which model you have hence my suggestion of two possible box types.
sorry Geoff,, its a 1.9 dwb. it has the round airfilter, then air flow meter, half way up then is the black box, think hyanes call it a resonator box,, i dont know what it does
Rather than trying to explain here and spend an age typing take a look here .....
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OK, so cleaned it all out using carb cleaner and repaired a small crack in one of the small vacuum hoses and will check again in a month or so.

I'm also interested in this concept of a "catch pot". Is it the crankcase breather that ends up in the catch pot? If so, do I blank off the hole that will be left on the EGR valve?

Disabling the EGR valve...wouldn't this effect emiss emissions and thus fail the MOT? Which vac hoses to the EGR do I block (If memory serves there's more than one)

Yes, the box on the air intake is the resonator, have managed to work that much out.

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