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Broken Cambelt, help needed

first time poster.

guys here's a question that some of you might know the answer.

today my cambelt snapped on my late 2009 model Berlingo, its a 1.6 petrol with a factory LPG conversion, the engine number starts with FX7.

is this an interference engine, has the pistons smacked the valves or am I lucky and only need a cambelt and tensioner, water pump etc.

thanks in advance.
You will only be able to tell if there is damage when the belt is back on and you do a compression test.
Most engines after 2000 are interference and get damaged when the belt snaps.
To put the new belt on it will be well stripped down and not that much more work to take the head off and be sure. Just get it pressure tested and checked for true.
If your getting a garage to fit a new belt I doubt they would do it on its own.
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Thanks roadrally,

My engine is the 16v engine, I guess it's probably kaput now, the thing is Citroen serviced this van less than 5000 miles ago, it's got full Citroen service history from new, I'm pretty disappointed that this has happened, it looks like the cambelt was due for replacement on the last service but for some reason it wasn't done, mileage is 95k by the way, plus I've only had the van for a few weeks, bought from a dealer in Bristol, it's a lovely van, very clean and tidy, I'm just wondering what to do. I think ill phone the dealer tomorrow and let them know what's happened, maybe they will help, the garage that has the van I don't know from Adam so I have no idea if they are any good or not, luckily I was only doing about 5 mph when the cambelt went, so fingers crossed, I just bought a new key last week at a cost of nearly £180.00, I have my head in my hands at the moment, what a day!!!
Hello and welcome to the forum when you bought the van from the dealer did they not give you a three month warranty and if it was a Citroen dealer and was Citroen approved van i think they give you twelve month's warranty check your paper work first go back to the dealer and see what they will do for you if they won't help go to trading standards
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On petrol engine there is more chance everything is ok
than on diesel engine. I hope everything is ok. Let us now
(26-08-2014, 06:53 AM)brajomobil Wrote:  On petrol engine there is more chance everything is ok
than on diesel engine. I hope everything is ok. Let us now

Tell that to my Renault 19 16 valver, it took out 10 of the 16 valves!
Hello and thank you for your comments,

Well, I've contacted the dealer in Bristol, (A38 van sales) and I'm told that I have no warranty on the cambelt, I find that strange as I wasn't told that at the time, I did ask about the cambelt and was told it was ok, if anyone cares to have a look on their website they say that every van gets a 60 point check prior to sale, I'm just wondering what they check as my front brake pads need replacing, I've only had the van a few weeks, I bought her on the 4/07/14, I paid cash and got a receipt, price paid was £4166.00 plus vat which came in at £5000.00

My thoughts are that I shouldn't have to pay for engine repairs on a van I've only had for 7 weeks, and to be honest I haven't used it that much.

Perhaps it's my fault for not checking the cambelt, that was what was implied by the owner who is less than sympathetic with my plight, actually the dealer hasn't called me back or answered my email to them so it's clear I'm being ignored.

Any thoughts anyone, just wondering what to do,

Have Citroen serviced the van from new do you know?
Can anyone tell me what mileage the timing belt should be changed on my 2010 1.6 HDI L1 Berlingo? thanks

Try the CAB on the above link to see where you stand.

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