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Brake line flare - double or bubble what tool?
Hi I was hoping somebody can tell me what type of flare are the brake lines on a Mk2 Berlingo and is there difference in pipe sizing between different models? From what I gather it should be 3/16 for all models. Most importantly what flare is on the car so I can get the right tool? Much appreciated

[Image: bubble-flare-vs-double-flare.jpg]
Most flaring tools have formers for both single & double flare.Usually but not always,pipe to flex pipe is a double.Most cyls are single.
Buy a good tool,it will do both properly & last a long time.I dip the pipe in brake fluid to let the former shape without sticking.:thumbsup:Confusedalut:
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OK thanks Ron, what about if I decide to replace the screw fittings, are they M10? I would really appreciate answer on the entire kit if it keeps the same size all around (ex.M10) as I found I can order pipe + fittings and might as well get the right once for spares even if the original once can be reused.

Also I've been out today looking to rent or buy brake flare tool and nobody seems to sell them let alone rent. Time to call China. Mean while I washed all that brake fluid from the shoes, drum and tyre to get some braking for a few weeks. Brake fluid top up also got rid of the STOP light
I would suggest that the inverted or double flare would be used where the pipe joins a flexi hose and the single or bubble would be used where the pipe enters a caliper or slave cylinder.
When I did a slave cylinder on my 57plate van the unions on the slave cylinders were larger than normal.
If you get hold of a flaring tool they are easy to make and the double flare is just a single flare with one further operation.
I made a Kunifer pipe up and fitted it to my daughter's Corsa yesterday. It was from the rear flexy to the wheel cylinder and I used the removed one as a pattern and it had a single flare on both ends. I used my old Moprod flaring tool and the car passed MOT later same day. This powerhand tool is the nearest modern equivalent and it gets good reviews for quality and ease of use.

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So where does this bit go then ?

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