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Body work. I need to know what silver spray to buy.
Can of silver spay paint?

Dear all, I need to fix a few dents in a car I have just purchased.
Has anyone out there done the same then, tried to find a good match in "hand held spray paint".
I need to know is there a serial number for the correct can of silver sray paint.
Has anyone owned a silver berlingo? Mine is the Quick silver (peugeot, I think the silver is the same coulor on berlingo and Quicksilver).

Look forward for any help you can give.

Many thanks from Steve.
Your vehicle must have a colour code identification label somewhere, I think it may be part of the number usually on the plate seen inside when you open the drivers door. Halfords may do a match just remember that you might need to apply lacquer over the area after. I know that Citroen do spray cans of paint.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
The code is written in the engine compartment.
Look on the shock towers. Should be a 4letter code or something tere.

But since your car is so old, you probably need to go to an expert and get a colour match done.
Some colour match services will make custom spray cans for you, others will only mix it for use in spray guns. Ask about that first...
Thank you gadget man and Trever for your replies. I have had a quick look to see if I could see any numbers/ letters connected too the shade of silver paint I will need. But I could not see any, or I am looking in wrong place.
I was hoping some one had used said paint and could give me the number/name.
Never mind early days. I might get more replies.

Many thanks.
As long as you don't mind different results then spraying it should not be a problem. Paint from cans is not exactly the same thing and just applying the lacquer won't look shiney like the rest of the car.
hi the paint code for mine was on the piller on drivers door....i had a can made up in a spray shop supply. which when applied with the clear laquer matched quite well. i can have a look at my paint code to morrow if it will help you.
my car is a 2004 berlingo but i think its the same colour as the peugeot.

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