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dashboard stop light
hello everyone me again lol,driving along today and my stop light lit up on the dash,there was no other warning light lit,is this a common occurrence with this model??(03 multispace)i have never had a stop light coming on before without another warning light telling you why you should stop???? :woop: :woop: thanks GWYN
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Normal cause of the stop light is low brake fluid , which is why its telling you to stop!

Even if the brake fluid appears fine and as the sensor is sensitive a glib of dot 4 usually sorts things.

When did the stop light come on and is it still on?
i was parking on a hill,i was facing downhill so put it in reverse gear(steep hill) and handbrake wasn't fully up so it slightly rolled an inch or two until reverse gear stopped it,then fully engaged handbrake,thats when the stop light came on.(a glib of dot 4 ????) thanks for your reply Homer ps.stop light only flickered on,not on now.
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Agree it's likely to be the brake fluid level sensor, especially as a slope and applying the hand brake were involved. Double check for fluid leaks on the rear of the rear brake drums or front callipers just in case.
Swap glib for glug!

Damn autocorrect.
Yes I can confirm this it's only brake fluid related issue and nothing else. I had it happened to me twice. 1st time I didn't top it enough because the reservoir was dirty and I couldn't see the lines. By the way if you have the light appear it might be because you are loosing fluid. Check your front calipers and check your rear wheels for dripping stream to see if the rear brake cylinders are leaking. Ideally you want to open the drums and inspect them. Another point of failure is the LSPV valve. I know this because I've been driving like this for few months now and I still haven't fitted my new brake cylinders and the right side keeps leaking. In fact during hard breaking I lock up the left side and I feel like in one of those Russian Lada Dash Cam where I have to correct the slide.

p.s don't worry about the STOP light, the vehicle is driveable as long as you don't notice any difference in the pedal. So it's not a holy s**t I must pull over and wait.
another one with that issue.. took me a year to work it out.

always happened at specific points in a journey too....

happening atm actually on speedbumps - had a brake pipe replaced for mot .... the level lines are really hard to see in this vehicle.
Thank you all most kindly for your replies,I am much obliged indeed,had a look in the reservoir and it was very low,anyway topped it up today and see how it goes,looked for leaks behind the hubs(didnt take wheels off) couldnt see any wetish patches,only had the lingo for a month,so could have been low before I bought it,
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could be worn discs and pads also causing more travel in caliper pistons hence level of fluid dropping ,,,this happend on mine light came on under heavier braking....then would go out when new items fitted everything balanced out
thank you all very much for your replies and you are all correct(just testing LOL)took car in for service and yes rear o/s brake cylinder kaput,and discs very much worn down ,replaced cylinder and noticed difference in stopping strajght away,once again thank you all GWYN
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