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newbie looking into berlingo/partner

Currently looking into getting a Berling/Partner or Doblo.

I want the car to serve dual purposes.

1. It must be large enough inside for 2 to 4 large dog cages for my business
2. Be used as a normal car, comfy, refined and economy etc

Could one of you great people on this forum measure the following for me?

Boot width between wheel arches
boot height opening height and lowest point inside from boot floor to roof
Length of boot when in 5 seat mode
boot width opening
length of boot in two seat mode?

The other criteria is the car must have air conditioning!

I'd be looking at the 2.0 hdi 90hp

Any feedback between the 3 models?

Which is better to live with?

Thank you
Definitely check back axle if you get a berlingo !!!!!!! Measure distance between tyre and body and check how tyres are wearing. Just like you I was looking to buy berlingo or partner but found berlingo cheaper and parts are plentiful. I got caught out with the axle and have just spent the last day and a half swearing and breaking nuts pipes and swapping parts from a abs axle onto a non abs one . Hope you find this helpful petcare1:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)
Thanks. Yes I've read about the rear axle problems.

It's something I'll check when viewing.

I think one of these is the best compromise between a van and car.

Any chance of those measurements?

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