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[Engine] Slow turning over
I have just bought a 1.9 d berlingo 05 reg,the problem is that when it goes to crank it turns really slow.if I heat it twice then turn the key to crank it starts no probs after half a turn,if I take it a run and heat it up,switch off and then go to start again say after 20 seconds it turns relly slow,where do I start,once running never misses a beat.
Hello Andysuds welcome to the forum first thing to test the battery then the starting motor odd's on it's the starting motor gone past it's best it will get to the point that it won't start at all so a refurbished or new starter motor but get them tested first just to make sure so you don't waste you'r money
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My 2005 1.9d was getting a little laboured when cranking so I removed the starter and cleaned the operating end up and wiped a smear of moly grease over it and Bob is now officially an Uncle again. Often the simple solution is there.
as said above mine was cranking realy slow (most of the time ) even having a large cap battery fitted. it always started in the mornings but was a struggle at times. i ended up buying a new starter .now you only have to touch the key and it spins so fast it starts instantly. although it could be your battery or bad connectins.
as above had this problem thought it was my battery multimeter said different new starter all sorted
Thanks for the replys folks will let you know how I get on,thanks again

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