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Cooling fans running constantly
Hey folks,

I've been working on my mates Berlingo van helping him put it back together again.
Anyway, when we turn the key to the ignition on position, the cooling fans (on the radiator) start running straight away, at full speed and don't stop. we've tried disconnecting them, running it to 1/2 way up the gauge then reconnecting them and as soon as the plug is connected again, they start and just don't stop until you turn the engine off.

The van is a 51 plate 1.9 n/a diesel. DW8(?) engine I believe.

What do I need to be checking/looking at?
Any suggestions greatly received.

Is it with or without AirCon?

If it's not an Aircon model, is there a thermoswitch on the radiator?
If so, I'd check that one...
The heat sensor i think it's by the thermostat housing and also check if the wire's are not earthing some where
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Oh yeh, sorry. No, there's no aircon.
I haven't seen a sender/switch on the rad. There are two on the thermostat housing, but I believe one is temp gauge and the other to do with idle throttle at cold start.
I haven't noticed any damage to the wiring. I haven't checked it all 100% as yet, but have had a quick look.
Embarrassingly, I have just realised that this van is a MK1 and not a MK2. Don't suppose there's a huge amount of difference in some things though.
Today, we got a new temperature sender (the one on the thermostat housing) and tried that.
But, when we turned the ignition on, the fans came on straight away (as before) and went off again when the ignition was turned off again.
The sender is a green one with two wires.

So, any suggestions what to look at next, PLEASSSSSSSSSE! I'm starting to pull my hair out now.

Has anyone got a wiring diagram for the cooling fan circuit?

Thanks in advance
I think we've found the problem though.
One of the pins in the ECU on the engine loom side has come out and the plug is damaged.
It appears that when my mate jet washed the van off before he stripped it down, water got past the waterproof seal on the engine loom plug (ECU end) and has caused damage to the plastic of the plug around about 3 pins and when the plug has been removed from the ECU, it's pulled the pin out of the ECU.

Soooooo, a mate who's an electronics whiz is going to look at repairing the ECU and changing the plug/damaged socket in the plug.

But if he fails, what's the score with replacing the ECU?
I'm guessing they have to be re-programmed, Is that right?


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