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Wiper blades
I have 22"(metric?... work it out yourself) wiper blades on both driver/passenger side.
From what I have read, this is the correct size.
The drivers side is rubbing the windscreen rubber at the top of its sweep.
Therefore appears to 1/2" too long...?
The wiper squeaks as rubber hits rubber. (Very annoying!)
Is this common?
Do I just buy a 21"?
Or not drive when its raining?
prob best to no drive in the rain

on a serious note its the right size. theres adjustment in the way you put on the bracket.

prob just put on wrong
Just consulted the font of all knowledge, the Haynes Workshop Manual, they reccomend that a technical operation such as fitment of wiper blades be carried out solely by a main dealer....:whistle::whistle::lol::lol::lol:
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Same here too mate. Had to get a shorter one than what is specified.

Make you think if the original blades had the fixing point offset slightly
Thanks Cork.
Can't seem to adjust the fitment.
Certainly not by 25mm.
Any pics?
Or a nice drawing?
Or a sketch?
Hey up Martin, just had a garden cane out and measured my wiper blades. Don't know if they are originals or what but they are 21.5" long and there is a 0.5" difference in length across the pivot point give or take a thou or two...
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cant you pop off the bracket, swing the wiper the other way round and reattach the bracket and it moves it left or right
Pivot point is exactly in the middle.
Tried taking it off and turning it round.
No difference.:dislike:
Oh dear this is looking like a main dealer type job...

I know this sound a bit crude but cant you cut a bit of the blade away back to the rubber or is that too animalistic (or is that Ham-inalistic).
Or if you've not thrown the old blades, use the carcases and slide the new rubbers in place of the old???

To be honest, in the past I have purchased some right crap in wiper blades, Poundland, Wilko's et al.
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
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TBH I would remove the arm from its splines and when refitting make sure that the blade is parallel to the bottom of the screen. Mine does the same, without the squeak, and the arm will be moved on the spline asap. Smile
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