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Water in Drivers foot well
I've had a MK2 Berlingo Multispace forte 1900 diesel for 12 months now. I love the vehicle and it does exactly what I want but I've had a constant battle with water getting in and pooling in the drivers footwell. I've had the windscreen checked, Changed the door seal and checked everything under the bulkhead scuttle panel. I'm now at my wits end and was hoping that some of you guys have had similar problems and could maybe suggest other avenues I could look down. Cheers in advance.
Hi and welcome EricH. That topic has been discussed several times on the forum. Did you have a search?
Check the aeriel as well, classic place to leak.
Also check the scuttle at the windscreen bottom is not clogged up with leaves

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Hello Erich welcome to the forum good to have you with us as homeruk and Trevor wrote are the place's to look for water ingress
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Cheers for the warm welcome guys.

I have used the search function but all the threads I found are mostly the things I've looked at (unless I've missed some)

I did think about the Aeriel so that will be my next area of investigation. I've done the Scuttle/bulkhead to death and I can rule this out. The other place is a screw that apparently fixes the peddle box in, for this I would probably need to remove the carpets and I would like to try all the obvious/easiest first.
Got the same problem....I noticed this week that there was water on the driver door cill, under door speaker, and when I closed the door it started to trickle......a quick shake of the door confirmed thst water was sloshing about, so now looking at wing mirror and/or windo w seal..

(19-11-2014, 07:05 PM)Trevor Wrote:  Also check the scuttle at the windscreen bottom is not clogged up with leaves

I got this, there was a pile of compost holding back about 4 pints of water. I cleared it out and flushed it through and now keep an eye on it whenever I clean the car. It was dead leaves and moss and it had really filled up well considering there isn't a tree in a hundred yards. Getting the wipers off was a bit of a struggle they were well and truly stuck but once off the plastic covers were out and the hole on the drivers side was well and truly bunged.
So where does this bit go then ?

I've had this problem also. I found that water was running down off the windscreen and into the main wiring harness. This allowed water to run through the harness casing and into the interior. I simply wrapped the harness in plastic, pushed the harness further back under wiper linkage and safely secured. Then i put a shield in front of where the harness enters the cabin on the rhs bulkhead. Problem solved. Dry carpet for the past 3 weeks. Smile
Check it is not coming in though the door card or speakers - this is a common problem.

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