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Few questions
1.9 non-turbo 2000 van

I've been having a few problems lately and would really appreciate your help regarding glow plugs and starting my van.

Am I right in thinking as I turn the key (not crank) and the yellow glow light comes on it should beep after the plugs are heated?

Also, it takes AGES to start in the morning.. the glow plugs are clearly suspect but could this also be a relay problem?

If the relay was broke would the van start at all or is it just to help cold starting by heating the plugs up a bit?
Hi Blingonoob,

1/ No
2/ Yes
3/  Maybe , the relay is also a running relay . If your glow plugs check out OK then the wiring between the glow plugs /relay (mounted under the battery area) then the earth for the relay could be suspect. They have been known to give trouble cos of bad earths/connections corroded.
Thank a lot, brodfather11.

I'll have a look at the wires/connection between plugs and relay. Is there a way to test the relay is pre-heating? I have a multimeter to hand.
(21-11-2014, 10:44 AM)BLINGONOOB Wrote:  Thank a lot, brodfather11.

Is there a way to test the relay is pre-heating? I have a multimeter to hand.

 Yes, do a search on the internet, same for the glow plugs - not being rude it is just easier than me doing a load of typing.  The testing is easy peasy.
Would this be the relay I'm looking for?..  [Image: mGAamk-bmoRigbtsCdYo31A.jpg]
What or where is the relay ??? Irrelevant to begin with. Measure the voltage at the glow plug on pre heat and then post heat if you have this then all good, if not then follow the cable backwards. Before spending money test each glow plug for continuity and resistance value. You Tube has lots of videos on this sort of stuff, a bit like a pumped up Forum with people who want their minute of fame.
If the glow plug's are not at fault you need to check the valve clearance as they are known leak as the gap close's up on this engine
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Give it an extra five seconds after the glow light goes out, works for me if not on the first attempt, always the second without trying to burn my starter motor out - the glow plugs are still on for at least another 10 seconds after the light goes out (called after-heating or something). I'm guessing my valves need adjusting but with the weather and moving house I'm just living with it as it is for the moment.

Might be different on your engine, I have a DW8B, not sure when the "B" came in.

EDIT: Whoops, accidental thread resurrection Sad
Mar 2002 Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D 166,000 miles
ddb said :-DDB said
              "- the glow plugs are still on for at least another 10 seconds after the light goes out (called after-heating or something). "

                   The glow plugs have a ten seconds or so delay in going off, caused by the relay that some think is irrelevant  !

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