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[Steering & Suspension] HELP!!! Steering problems!!!
I was out driving today, I was driving straight for about 20mins at 80KMH and then I had to turn into a roundabout, the steering was so heavy it felt like it had no power steering!!! But after some steering back and forth it got better! Wtf??? Pump gone mad?
How's the fluid level and condition?
Strip thread and back off 1/4 turn.
2001 (Mk1) Multispace Forte 1.9D
Think i found the problem!!! Wooohooo, cheap too Tongue It has the wrong type of power steering fluid. So when the fluid is cold [when you are not turning the wheel a lot] itâ€s not lubricating, thatâ€s my problem. Going to flush the system at work tomorrow or something, where there is a lift Big Grin
If its not too late to mention....make sure you cover the alternator with some form of protection from power steering fluid if you're gonna flush things through the pump (use a carrier bag or similar). The alternator sits perfectly under the ps pump for catching fluid leaks or spillages. If you get psf in the alternator it will ruin it soon after. I had a pump blow and about a quarter of a cup of fluid leaked on to the alternator. I thought Id got away with it but ten days later the fluid had eaten through the insulation on the windings and killed it good and proper.
Thats the hard way to do it mate Tongue I just took the low pressure/return line of the power steering under the car. I had a lift so this was no problem at all

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