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[Engine] Do Berlingos have an engine cover fitted?
I got my Berlingo in late October. I noticed that the engine doesn't have a cover fitted. It has all the mounting points/clips for one, but it's not there. I assumed they'd forgotten it.

When I took it back to the dealer he said they don't fit them any more. Can someone who's got theirs recently please confirm or deny?

Mine's an XTR Multispace 1.9D 90BHP automatic. It would be useful to know the model of any others too.

Yes it should have a black plastic cover over injectors & rocker cover. I assume the car was secondhand from non Citroen franchise & its a 1.6hdi XTR? You are being fobbed off because dealer does not want to buy cover.
Unless you mean cover underneath engine? I think this was originally fitted only to XTR so possibly it might not be fitted any more? If car was new from Citroen dealer & he is telling you this then probably correct, if secondhand from non Citroen then check this by taking car reg no/chassis no to Citroen parts dept & they will tell you if one should have been fitted.
I bought a new Multispace VTR 90Diesel Auto in May 2014 and it doesn't have an engine cover either. It's been back to the Citroen dealer a couple of times: for its 6 week check, and to have a loose window regulator fixed, and they didn't mention a missing engine cover. The dealer said I have a proper spare wheel under the car, but I must get my granddaughter to look and see if it's actually there...
Citroen Vauxhall and so on as they start to cut their new price's to keep the over head's down they start to leave part's off like with the Astra H left off the under tray and a shelf in the glove box shame they do these thing's but that's the way they work who think's of looking for those thing's when your getting a new car ??
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Thanks very much for all the replies. I'm talking about the cover that goes over the top of the engine. Mine has the slot for it to go into just under the bulkhead, and the two shiny metal pegs at the front, but no cover.

Mine's a brand new 64-reg, factory-ordered from a main UK Citroen dealer.

I don't think it's clever not to have one - there are plenty of electrical connectors there, and you do get drops of condensation from the air con pipes at the front and the odd drop of driving rain.

The dealer quoted £55 to buy one. I'm going to complain to Citroen UK and see what happens. If no joy then I'll buy one, as I think it's pretty silly not to have one - surely there's a reason why one was designed to be there in the first place? Perhaps it would be an interesting Auto Express story?

Otherwise I flippin love this machine - other than the odd little noise from the front suspension it's fantastic. I specced it to death, with climate control, auto lights and wipers - which is why it took 3 months to arrive, but it was worth it. It looks like some kind of pimped up drug dealer van in black with the standard XTR blacked out back windows!
Sorry, yes it's a 1.6, not 1.9 as I stated previously (I was thinking of my previous car, doh).
Email Citroen from CitroenUK website to clarify this, it does sound rather odd. I've always found CitroenUK very helpful. When my car was still under warranty & dealer stated a couple of cosmetic issues were not covered by warranty, after an email exchange with CiroenUK. dealer phoned me & told me to bring car in.

If you push them a bit they will probably supply one. The actual cost to them will be a small fraction of the £55 retail price so you might be lucky.
Stick up few pics...
I've got a brand new 1.6 HDi L2 van arriving soon, so I'll let you know if it's got an engine cover on it or not. I think you are being told porkies Doofer.

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