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[Warning Light] Anti Pollution warning light
Hi. I'm a new member and in need of help with identifying a problem my 2009 hdi 1.6 van.

Two months ago when I was in the red on my fuel gauge the anti pollution came on the display with the engine management light. I filled up soon after and the light and warning light went out. This has happened a number of times going into the red on the fuel gauge. So I figured there might be some dirty diesel in the tank.

Then a week ago when leaving work the van seemed to be missing any power when pulling out on to the main road. Then all of a sudden it pulled away like a bullet leaving a huge puff of black smoke.

Then this week after filling the van to the brim with fuel the anti pollution warning light came on yet again and stayed on until yesterday at half a tank. The van defiantly seems to be kicking out a lot of black smoke when pulling away at at a pace.

So being I have limited knowledge about these things could some one give me an idea what this could be.

Egr or bad fuel or a combo of both. Any help would be great before I take it to the garage and spend a small fortune. Many thanks
It can be an egr valve problem that causes anti pollution light to come on but easiest solution is to get fault codes read, I think Citroen garage might charge £40 for that. If egr valve is sticking open for a few secs it could well cause symtoms you describe because exhaust gas will be recycled back into engine & then close resulting in the black smoke. You can buy egr cleaner from Halfords that you spray into air intake, I think, so perhaps worth a try first.

I saw Halfords sold egr cleaner but it said for petrol engines, would that matter? Also im struggling to locate the egr itself. Is it easy to locate? thanks in advance.
Hello Wking welcome to the forum good to have you with us how many sort trip's do you do have you taken a good long run of late .first thing to do is change the fuel filter there may have some water in it the next thing to do bye some millers fuel treatment put a double dose in take her for a good hard run could help sort the problem out. the EGR is behind and down from the fuel filter a pig to get to so if you can getaway with out taking it off to clean it the better you can go down the road of blanking it off or have a remap to delete it at your own risk iv'e got to say that no more problem's with the EGR
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Thanks jed. I run it to work every day maybe 10miles there and back but do drive long trips every weekend.

It had its service just after the light came on and off. Would they of changed the fuel filter?
You can get Wynns diesel egr cleaner from Halfords. Google diesel egr cleaner.
Awesome. Thanks fella's.
Is the top pipe the air intake I'll spray the egr cleaner into?  Just want to confirm before I start.

[Image: imagejpg1.jpg]

This isnt my van this is a picture i found online., mine is a lot cleaner.

Thanks in advance
any help with the above message would be great. thanks

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