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Horn issue
Hi. I have a issue with the horn on my berlingo. With the ignition off the horn works fine. As soon as I turn the ignition on or start the van. Horn stops working. Not getting any voltage to the horn. But with ignition off a good 12.4 volts. Earth is fine, have checked this by using the earth on the horn connector to the battery positive and get 12v again.

Any help?

Cheers Big Grin
Hi there it is more than likely the earth connection under the airbag on the steering wheel. I had the same problem and there are loads of threads on here about it. Its a crap design its just a piggyback spade type connector pushed into a square hole. after a few years and a bit of wear it don't fit to tight. Some have just wrapped wire round the steering column to sort it but I took the airbag off cut the connector off attached a ring connector, then drill a small hole in the wheel and screwed it to that. Jobs a good one.
Have a read of this
Hope this helps.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
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Thank you for the reply. Will try that tomorrow.
I fixed this on mine a few days ago, it was exactly what Tomcat3 said. Except I didn't have a loop so I have banged a block of metal into it to wedge it in. I also sanded all the contacts just in case.

I hear the airbag can be dodgy and people have recommended removing the battery for around half an hour before trying to take it off.

There is another thread about it here, some nice pictures on the second page:
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