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Poor starting - Cutting out
Hi All,

Does anyone know of a common fault with the 2.0HDi which causes the following:

Very poor starting from cold, white smoke when eventually starts. Then once started very rough / lumpy, if you attempt to rev the engine it just cuts out when first started. Once stabilized very lumpy poor running then if you rev and take the foot of the accelerator it stalls. This happens also when approaching a round about when the clutch pedal is pressed. This continues to happen when the car is warmed up but not as persistent.

If this was just a starting issue I would lean toward glow plugs / relay. But as this is the running of the engine in general I'm leaning toward MAF sensor. A mechanic has apparently replaced the relay, but no pre ignition light is visible or ever has been since owning the car (5+ years).

I have no experience of this vehicle as it belongs to a family member, so before I start wanted to get some experienced Berlingo mechanics opinions.

Thanks in advance,

Hi there not sure if this helps but I had the same thing with a Saxo and it was the idle control valve I brought some carb cleaner and took it apart gave it a clean and was fine once i put it bk together I had to unplug the batt for an hour to reset the ecu. Like I said not sure if it helps but the symptoms you describe sound similar

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Could be many things. It would help if you could get a Lexia read off it to help diagnose.

Leaking injector, faulty fuel pump or pressure regulator would be my guess. None particularly tricky or expensive to fix using decent secondhand bits off eBay.

If it's smoky when warmed up, I'd say it's one or more injectors. If it's not, it could be air in the fuel. Check the clear pipe to the filter for bubbles when it's running.

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2004 Multispace Desire HDi - "Bertie"
Thanks for the replies.

I have the symptoms from the driver of the car.

I have read the leak-off pipes are prone to cracking and letting air in the system so I will check for this, as I feel this could cause serious running issues.

I am also told the vehicle has always done this but the issue has become progressively worse, so now thinking possible the valve clearances as I also read these engines require adjustment @ 100k this one has only done 89k.
The HDi engine does not require valve adjustment at 100k. 2 of mine had well over 200k them and had never been touched.

Probably air getting in. The leak off pipes are a doddle to change.

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2004 Multispace Desire HDi - "Bertie"
Apparently a berlingo specialist has looked at the car....and could not resolve.....I'm hoping it is the air my issues sound characteristic of this cause from anyone who's resolved the issue?
(02-02-2015, 08:57 AM)basberlingo Wrote:  Apparently a berlingo specialist has looked at the car.

I wasn't aware there was such a thing, seeing as it's simply a generic French diesel engine used in more vehicles than you could imagine....

You need to take it to a Citroen/Peugeot specialist and get a diagnostic reading on a Lexia done. This will likely tell you what the problem is in about 5 minutes.

You could try asking on the Frenchcarforum. There's many folk knowledgeable about the 8v 2.0HDi engine on there.

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2004 Multispace Desire HDi - "Bertie"
Sorry...He was a french car specialist.
Not a very good one as he'd have had Lexia or Planet on it and found out what was wrong in a very short time. There's only perhaps 3 things it can be!

If you're anywhere near Reading I'll come and put my Lexia on it for you.. no charge, I'm not a mechanic but I can use a Lexia.

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2004 Multispace Desire HDi - "Bertie"
As I do not have the equipment I will have to do a process of elimination.

1 check leak off pipes....
2 perform leak test for faulty injector
3 replace pump.

I assume that's the 3 you mean?

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