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Exhaust Replacement
So we had a weird squeaking noise coming from the back left of the van for a couple days. Sounded a bit like suspension squeaking or something. Suddenly, that noise stopped, and the van now sounds excellent, like a race car.

So I looked under it, and my exhaust silencer has snapped off! It's broken right at the clamp at the silencer, like there's the silencer, the clamp, and some jagged edges. 

The MOT isn't until October, and I really like how it now sounds, but my missus is a wee bit paranoid about getting pulled. 

How big of a job is replacing it? I'm hoping to do it myself...

It's a 2002 van, by the way...
It's a 5 minute job...
10 if you decide to try to reuse the clamp and faff about with WD40 to get the rusted solid bolts to move.

You need a new silencer(of course), 2 rubber mounts, a clamp and a sealing pasta.
A grinder to cut off one of the bolts of the old clamp is nice. Hacksaw also works...

Mount the clamp with one bolt at the top and one at the bottom. A lot of people mount them 'horisontal' so that it's easy to tighten both bolts, but then it allows water to collect in the bottom of the clamp.
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(02-02-2015, 11:21 AM)Gadgetman Wrote:  It's a 5 minute job...
10 if you decide to try to reuse the clamp and faff about with WD40 to get the rusted solid bolts to move.
Thanks for the reply. I don't know if there's enough pipe left to just replace the silencer. I think it's broken off right at the clamp, on the pipe side, not the silencer side, if that makes sense. The clamp is still attached to the silencer, not the pipe....
Has the van got a CAT ? Mine has one so I bought a CAT repair pipe then cut the pies to fit the new clamp section in before fitting the new back box. I welded mine but there are repair pipes that fit over in sections, this is the best way replacing the clamp end in future is a case of replacing the repair pipe.
The repair pipes are on flebay for around £20.
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That's where it's broken.

How do I figure out if it's got a cat?
Is it a gasoline car?
If so, there's definitey a Cat under there.

On gasoline cars, the cat is just behind the front wheels. The ehaust pipe goes down fron the exhaust maifold, under the motor, over the stuctural stuff, thne dow again to the cat.
I would expect that it's in roughly the same place on a diesel model, too.

The 02 and newer Diesels probalby all have cats, and you can see the at and pipe here:

If the unit in your car looks like that, you're in for a bit of a cost.

A set for a 2001 1.9diesel is slightly cheaper:

Here's a 'Repair Pipe'

On my 1999 Gasoline model, though, the cat is separate from the long pipe.

The bit about replacing the rubber mounts and clamps still holds. you just have to replace a bit more here and there.
(These parts are cheap, ruining new exhaust parts because old parts fail is expensive)

Rubber mounts:
(You need 2 for the silencer. May need one further forward, too)

Do you have access to a proper lift or similar?
If not you'll need a a full set of stands and a 'mechanics trolley'
This one looks pretty much like the one I use:
The big plus for this model is the two pockets for tools and parts.
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Ah, that's all fantastic information. Without crawling under the van (and because the van isn't at home at the moment), is there a way to tell if my van has a cat? Going on engine number or something?
I'll also be poor in fuel with a broken tail pipe due to lack of back pressure.
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I've just had the complete system replaced on my 1999 1.8 petrol. It cost an eye-watering £245.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But it has cured the annoying (and possibly dangerous) stalling habit that it had developed. Something to do with back-pressure in the cat?
(27-02-2015, 01:28 PM)davehills Wrote:  I'll also be poor in fuel with a broken tail pipe due to lack of back pressure.

Sorry to interupt, but do you know if this also counts in the 1,4i Gasoline version?

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