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Removing boot door liner?
Hi all. 

I've got a right old rattle coming from the tailgate of my '09 Multispace. I'm hoping (possibly in vain) that it shouldn't be too hard to track down once I've got the door skin off, but I'm just wondering what the best way of doing that is.

There doesn't seem to be any screws holding it on, so it's presumably just clips? Any pro tips for getting if off as I don't want to snap any integrated clips as that's only going to make the problem worse. 

The plastic inside the boot lid pulls off, I had to take mine off but broke some of the clips, you can buy them at a Citroen dealer for about 10p each.
The one local to me charges more like £1 each for these!! Outrageous.
Sorted my infuriating squeak eventually. Ripped the tailgate liner off in a fairly unsympathetic manner and broke almost all of the clips. Got 15 clips from Citroen dealer for something like £2.50 so not too bad.

After an awful lot of fiddling I tracked the issue down to the lock mechanism - liberally doused it in WD40 and hey presto. Can't believe such a tiny factor can produce such an overwhelmingly annoying racket! Sorted now though. Quiet at last.
You mite of been better off putting some silicone grease on the lock it's very long lasting and will not dry out like WD 40
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(22-02-2015, 03:39 PM)Jed Clampit Wrote:  You might have been better off putting some silicone grease on the lock it's very long lasting and will not dry out like WD 40

Totally agree! Some medium weight grease will still be there next year....Personally the only
thing I use WD40 for is as a freeing off agent. I
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It's always worth looking at the rear wing plastic liners as well. Take off the rear wheel and see if the plastic liner is flapping about, they are flimsy and can make a racket!
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Good shout. I was just troubleshooting with whatever was to hand. Grease when I can get my hands on some...

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