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New to Berlingos (and ecu s)
Hi all, After several years of running and maintaining C15s, I have now ' upgraded' to a 2001 1.9 d Multispace. Very comfy and modern feeling compared to what im used to. My only concern at the mo is a high idle speed and fuel consumption of around 27mpg. Got myself a Haynes but ive never had a vehicle with and ecu and am wary of fiddling with various sensors (everything has a sensor on it) in case it upsets the ecu. Im a reasonably competent amateur mechanic but im not at all au fait with computerised things. Ive never had a Haynes recommend taking car to a dealer for so many things. Essentially is there any basic precautions to take to avoid upsetting the cars brain. Thanks in advance from and automotive luddite.
Hi & welcome.Are all the filters good? Regards bad fuel consumption,if the air filter is clean try running a good diesel cleaner through it.As you probably know from the C15's the valves can tighten up after 100-120,000m or so.Good luck & let us know how you get on. Big Grin
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
The good thing about having an ECU is that it can actually tell you something when there's a problem.
Of course, as it's a computer, it only does what it's told, not what you want it to...
Ron, Checking the filters is my first job tomorrow. Smile I've also now noticed fuel around one of the injectors so thats not going to help consumption either. Only had the vehicle a few days so still getting used it. Only a cheapy so i'm expecting to find a few gremlins. Wink

Gadgetman - I'm sure ecu's come in very handy occasionally, but im a simple chap and i like simple engines. Confused Its even more frustrating having run almost identical engines for the last several years that seemed to do alright without needing the Starship Enterprise clagged to them Rolleyes I'm sure ill come round. I shall have to purchase a code reader and then maybe i will become a convert Big Grin

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