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Dead speedo.
Last night, the speedo stopped working, just suddenly dropped to zero while driving. It did flicker back to life once today, then off again. I notice the odemeter is not increasing either. Everything else in the cluster seems to work ok.
Should I be checking the speedo drive first? Oh, and where is it Big Grin ? (2004 2.0 diesel)
I have just done the BSI reset to see if that cures speedo fault. Upon the 'check instrument display' bit I notice the speedo needle actually moved up to about 40mph then dropped quickly back down again. Is this normal during the BSI reset procedure, what is it telling me? I presume that now confirms the needle moving means the fault isn't behind dash but more likely the sensor end.
Sorry jonnie i havent a clue on this one!

If you get no replies it may be worth trying

There are some people on there who may be able to point you in the right direction?
the speedo sensor is on the g/box casing near the passenger side inner drive shaft end,
don't know if its normal for the speedo to jump when doing the BSI reset but it could be the system resetting the speedo.
Thanks gents. I did notice a plug ontop of gearbox casing when changing the starter motor last week, it's wiring was very close to where we were working. I wonder if we have disturbed it somehow?
Thanks, will check it out now I know where it is.
that plug you saw may be the crankshaft positioning sensor , its near the same area. The speedo one is further round and down the g/box casing.
mines a 58 plate 1.6hdi and the speedo did the same a month since,speedo stopped etc and engine seemed down on power sometimes,replaced the sender on the gearbox and all ok,chap in parts department at Citroen said it's a common fault.
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Berlingo First,75bhp 1.6hdi,58 plate....215k and counting.

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