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code 4350
Hi guys, new to the forum. Just bought(though not paid for yet!) a 2006 2.0HDI. Drove it back from Glasgow yesterday without any issues at all, in fact she hummed along nicely. This morning I went to start it and it really struggled. It stuttered and was reluctant to start, lots of blue smoke and when it did start it was clearly missing on one cylinder. I left it to warm up a l;title but to no avail.
The milage display is now showing a small spanner symbol, and the code 4350. Does this mean anything to anyone?
I am not desperately mechanically minded but I understand enough to know that if it was the glow plugs it would run fine after a rough start yes? Help!!!
I can't find that one on either of these websites, are you sure that's the right code?
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Are you sure about the code. Sounds to me like it's the spanner (service due symbol) and 4350 is the number of miles till it needs doing?

You need a code reader to plug into the ECU to see what fault is being recorded in relation to the misfire. It should start PO and then the numbers etc...Could be an injector issue, but worth looking at the plugs first, but until you read the code it's random guess work.
Tucker is indeed correct about the mileage and spanner on the display. You will need to buy, beg, borrow or steal a code reader which plugs into the diagnostic socket on the fuse panel beneath the steering wheel. I got one off e-bay, cheap and cheerful but it does the job amicably, just have to be careful as they don't all communicate with this vehicle so perhaps best borrowing one in the first instance to see if it works... Even with the codes they will only point you roughly in the area where the fault lies then the decision is there a fault with the component or is it the sensor...... not always as clear cut as it appears. For the benefit of others, please let us know how you go on and welcome to Berlingo Owners Forum
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as others have said the dash does not display fault codes citroen does not make it that easy - mind you the amount of fault codes produced by modern motors would scare the average motorist so maybe its a good idea they are not displayed lol

If its defo missing on one of the injectors apart from having the fault codes read you will will also need to have an injector leak off test carried out to check for worn or dirty injectors.

How many miles has it done?
I wouldn't mind betting that the previous owner will know exactly what the problem me
cynical but your experience is not unique. If it was me that car would go straight back. When I buy
a car the last thing that I want is to start paying for repairs immediately.
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Hi Guys, thanks for the replies. It is in fact going back, I have a Kangoo that won't start and it wouldn't talk to the diagnostic computer so no idea what the issue is, I am not starting that again, especially with a car I have owned for less than 24h!!
I have just cancelled the insurance, need to sorn it and give the guy the v5 back when it gets here.... costly affair given the cost of going to Glasgow and driving it back. The insurers did alright mind, £50 canx fee and the deposit and first months payment!!! Imagine I am only getting 11 months tax back too Angry
Thanks again
If you bought your insurance over the phone or on the internet the distance selling regulations come in if its less than 14 days since you bought it, you get a FULL refund apart from a proportion of the cost that you have used ie xx/365 days times the original price.  Most insurance companies refund in full inside the 14 days.

There is no allowance in the regulations to round up to the first months usage.

The company should have informed you of the details of the distance selling regs, if they did not then it goes more in your favour and they lose various rights eg to charge for the days used.
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