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Hi, hope someone can help me with this one, I've got an 05, 1.9d berlingo with the dw8 engine, on cold starts the engine runs lumpy, with loads of smoke coming out of the exhaust, give it a rev for about 10/15 seconds, lumpy running stops and smoke clears, engine runs great for the rest day, doesn't miss a beat, can anyone come up with a solution for it
Suspect you have one glow plug that is not working.
I had very same problem but on 1.6 hdi with puff smoke on start up, changed glow plugs and all is well.
I've had the same thing for 2 winters now on my 2000 reg 1.9 D, it's definitely a glow plug problem. I don't use my Berlingo that much as we also have a 2003 1.6 petrol which I use to commute to work so I've put up with it but will sort it out sooner or later.
Thanks for the replies, I'll get the glow plugs changed this week and see if it cures it, also I've found a small pipe that's not connected to anything on one end, should I make a new thread to find out what it is/ where it should be connected? Or post pics on this thread
Best start a new thread you will get more interest also post pictures.
Just an update, I've had the multimeter on all the glow plugs and every readings coming out the same, it's showing all the plugs are working, so has anyone got an other thoughts on what it could be?
Remove the glow plugs and test them on the battery to be sure.
(23-02-2015, 05:05 PM)polar Wrote:  Remove the glow plugs and test them on the battery to be sure.

I have exactly same issue with mine, now on 150k miles. Was doing it occasionally last winter but go markedly worse after major service including cambelt and fuel filter replacement. I've had XUD and similar diesels long enough to know what glo-plug trouble looks, sounds and smells like and symptoms were exactly co-incident with one being down. 

Car spent a lot of time at garage - needed a cold soak overnight before symptoms appeared - to be fair to them all foc and with use of their courtesy car. They claimed to be baffled, insisting that glow plugs tested OK and were OK and they couldn't find anything else; air being drawn in to fuel system or injector problems being other possible issues with similar symptoms. 

At that point I insisted on plugs being changed and problem went away. By then though it was May and cold weather had gone. 

Trouble now back again (since Xmas). Not consistent, worse on some days than others even though temps similar. Possibly worse if it's been left unused for a few days. One the hesitancy has cleared it runs fine. Economy and performance normal, no smoke, no oil usage. 

Others have suggested valve seat recession or in issue with EGR. 

What does the panel think? 

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