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Hi, I don't know if it's connected to a problem I'm having with my engine running lumpy on cold starts, but ive found a small pipe that's only connected on one end, does anybody know where the other end should connect?

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What colour is the plug that goes in to that solenoid? It's hard to tell from the photo. If it's blue it will be the EGR. Can you trace the other end of the pipe to show where it goes, or does it just go to the vacuum pump?
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The plug is black
Circled is where the pipe is connected, also should there be pipes where I've put the arrows?

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The pipe should be connected to a flap valve that sits in front of the EGR valve. It looks as if the EGR has been disconnected as the missing pipes go there.

When the pipe is disconnected the flap is shut. When it starts the flap should open but if it is not connected it wont. You can jam it open by taking out the small torx screw and disconnecting the ball joint arrangement under the cover, jam it in the open /horizontal position. 

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Cheers for the reply, I looked at the egr last week and it's wide open all the time, I'll have a closer look tonight to see if it's been tampered with, so would any of the missing pipes contribute to the engine running lumpy on cold starts or is the problem somewhere else?
the pipe on mine is not connected but it doesn't seem to affect the running, my one seems to idle high about 1000/1100 rpm , whether its that pipe off or not I don't know and I'm not bothered about it.
Mine idles at 1000 aswell, if they don't affect how it runs I'm not really bothered about sorting the pipes out, I'm just trying to get to the bottom of it running rubbish on cold starts

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