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[Engine] 1,4i Timing belt interval
Hi there guys.
I´ve just become a 1997 1,4i lingo owner this weekCool

The previous owner told me to look for the timing belt change interval, in the service manual. But guess what, i forgot to get it with me, leaving for home.

Now for the question, what is the interval?
100.000Km, I believe.
(27-02-2015, 09:17 AM)Gadgetman Wrote:  100.000Km, I believe.

Whenever I have asked I have been conflicting answers, generally between 40,000 and 80,000 miles!

100,000km sounds like it might be right as it's about 62k miles, ie. in the middle of what I was told! 
Thanks a lot guys.
It was changed at 175.000 km, and the clock ticks at 225.000 now.
At 175K ?

I wonder why it was done so 'off' from the interval.
Did it have anything else done at the same time?

Unless it has had work done on the head(gasket for one thing) it's probably due a bit of a checkup.

The TU3JP engine is a very nice bit of kit, but it really doesn't like being neglected.
(A well-maintained engine should last the double of what yours has clocked up. )
Does it have the 'coil cassette' across the spark plugs, or does it have a black module at the end of the engine and normal plug leads?

If you have the model with plug leads it may be a bit difficult to find replacement leads since the black module has somewhat special connectors. (Sure, Citroën specialists have them... for a price... )
Here's the leads I use:

Pre. owner was a retired mechanic. He bought the Lingo in 2011 at 175.000 km. Guess he just changed it to be shure. He also changed the clutch, and headgasket. He also removed the intire interior, and changed the heatelement.
Pre. owner also stated he was a retired rally driver, why he bought the 1,4 is a mystery to me, but anyways, he ingreased the compression in the engine just a little, by removing an extra couple of milimeters while levelgrinding the cylinder head.
You are aware that this engine has a rich racing history?

From the Citroën AX GT and AX GTi Rally cup...

A Stock engine is about 75BHp, but the GTi version could produce 90BHp.
The engine is very tolerant of 'abusive driving' and the gearbox is flexible.
I can cruise along at 60Km/h in 5th, then smack it into 2nd and floor it to get up to 80Km/h fast enough that boy racers think that I have 'something special' under the hood...
(Don't try that with an engine that isn't 100%, though... )

I'm a bit puzzled by the IMG_3301.jpg picture.
The gauge I understand, as that's the third and final torquing of each bolt, but...
He's using his torque wrench together with the gauge?
He got 100 points for being a rallydriver and Berlingo owner, but is penalized 10 points for tool abuse.

Unless he was in one of the famous teams, rally driver would equal mechanic.
And even the famous drivers with big support teams knows how to use a spanner, duct tape and zip ties, as they can't receive help out on the road, and they need to get the car in to get it worked on before the next stage.
(As long as the roll-cage isn't damaged, the car can be salvaged... usually... )

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