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What are ewe looking at?
Found this pretty funny...

[Image: 263FEADC00000578-2976284-Baaad_driving_J...014531.jpg]

Quote:A driver was stunned to spot a sheep being driven around London in the back of a Volvo.
John Bowden was on his way home when he saw the animal staring back at him through the back window of the car in front.
The 44-year-old said he couldn't believe his eyes when he noticed the unusual passenger as he pulled up to traffic lights on the South Circular Road near Tulse Hill station, south London.

Mr Bowden told The Mirror: 'We had just pulled up at the cross roads and I thought, hold on that's a sheep in the back of a Volvo.

'My wife said 'I've seen it all now'.'

He added the black Volvo was being driven by an 'old bloke' - who had also plastered a sticker proclaiming 'I love sheep' to the back of his vehicle.

'He had a white hair and white moustache - he was all in white like the sheep,' he added. 
Mr Bowden, who is a street ambassador for the Heart of London Business Alliance, said the picture has garnered a huge amount of attention from his friends after he uploaded it to Facebook.

Give us your worst
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[+] 1 user says Thank You to Andre for this post
BAAhahahah !!!

looks comfy ...
ok.ok its a partner  Tongue
Bet the sheep is thinking "I would rather be in a Baaahlingo"

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[+] 1 user says Thank You to Trevor for this post
Just saw here wink at me
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[Image: ab197646.gif]
An old friend got lost in the desert once while doing his national service as a driver.   Got rescued by some Bedouin who fed him and as they do they offered the best part of the meal, sheeps  eyes, whether they winked at him or not I don't know but ever since he's never been able to look a sheep in the eye.

That's how he always approaches them from behind .   Rolleyes
[+] 1 user says Thank You to brodfather11 for this post
perhaps he is going on a ram raid Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Big Grin nice to be important,more important to be nice Wink
[+] 1 user says Thank You to my mucker for this post
The Volvo is so small it can only carry sheep, you could get a cow in a Bullingo !
MkIII VTR 1.6hdi Modutop, Climate Pack, 16" Alloys
^ i can vouch for that .. had my mrs in mine many times Big Grin
ok.ok its a partner  Tongue

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