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[Engine] 08 1.6hdi What is this plug in my engine bay?
Untop of the brake fluid reservoir. I have an un attached wire. can anyone tell me what it is?
I think that the original brake fluid cap is missing , it had a sensor in it for the brake fluid levels. that could be the plug for it.

getting too old for the contortions I had to do to see the picture properly.
Haha, sorry I didn't realise it had spun round. Thanks very much. Ever changed a thermostat on one of these? Ive got a few questions I need to ask. but im far to lazy to look on the Forum for old posts. The youth of today eh haha
I think that's an original cap,it's same as mine,oh and i also have the same plug but it's got a blank cap on it,never gave it a thought as mines a bog basic van with nothing at all fitted as extra's haha
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I have the same cap and the same spare wire.

I've assumed thus far that it may be something to do with the air con that I don't have - assuming the wiring loom is standard to all models.

the brake fluid resevoir appears to have its own connector which is plugged in part way down it on the RHS rather than anything connecting to the cap itself
Perfectly normal to have that wire there.
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(03-03-2015, 07:56 PM)Mehmet Salahi Mehmet Wrote:   Ive got a few questions I need to ask. but im far to lazy to look on the Forum for old posts. The youth of  today eh haha

  Hi I've done a thermostat and lots of other stuff but am too lazy to spend some time typing it all out ... todays oldies eh haha
I have that on mine too, always thought it was for the garage to connect something to it.
If in doubt smash it to bits :woop:

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