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Should I buy?
Hey guys,

I'm Australian based and I'm considering buying a 2009 Turbo Diesel Berlingo...

I like the look of it and I'm hoping it will work well as a small business car but this one has 300,000km (~180,000mi) on the clock.

Should I run like the wind, or is this sort of thing not a necessarily death sentence?

What should I look out for, and what sort of maintenance would I be looking at on a vehicle of this age and this milage?

I've been told these things can be difficult to work on and parts are expensive...but I wouldn't mind a few extra opinions.
Is that a 1.6HDi ?

Don't know if rust is an issue in Australia...

Check the suspension very carefully, and the service logs, also.
(300K in that time means long haul... They're not exactly built like one of your famous Road Trains... )

I expect it has been serviced pretty regularly for the first 200K at least. But they may have skimped a bit after that as the value of the car has dropped and time to sell has loomed closer.

These engines are very, very particular about the oil(it's used for the turbo, too, so bad oil = replace turbo).
It may need a new timing belt, or possibly an overhaul of the head, too.

All modern cars are difficult to work on...
At least you don't have to remove the front wheels to change lightbulbs on a Berlingo...

I think... I drive a Mk. I 1.4i myself...
If you live on Oz your fuel, diesel & petrol is much cheaper than UK? Reason diesels are popular in UK & Europe is because of high fuel tax, 2 thirds of our fuel price is tax so worthwhile for us to run diesels for much better fuel economy. Rest of the world with less fuel tax, small diesels are not as popular. Even in the UK plenty prefer petrols as they are cheaper to repair when they do go wrong. A quick google tells me you are paying 1.28AUD/litre for diesel/petrol this comes to 66p of our pennies & we are paying around £1.18p for our diesel getting on for double what you pay. I'd leave it & stick to petrol.
Hello Lynchwhy welcome to the forum Take it for a test drive see how it feel's if it's loose and all over the place then leave it alone make sure it has a full service history if not walk away
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