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61 plate 1.6
Hi there looking for some advice.

Just got a 61 plate 1.6 van with 55k and i have noticed a couple of potential issues.

Firstly when accelerating there is a whooshing whining noise almost like a whistle if that makes sense.

Some times when the van is stationery there is a slight knocking sound that seems to be coming from right hand side of engine bay behind peddles.

Should I be worried at all ?

Does van have a full service history of oil changes at every 12.5k miles with correct grade oil used?
Its an ex fleet van so I assume it has..
Hello 61Berlingo welcome to the forum good to have you with us it could be boost pressure and you have a leak from the turbo to the inlet manifold so check all pipe's also is there any oil around the turbo with out the engine running take the air intake pipe form the air filter to the turbo you should be able to put your finger's into the turbo and see if there any movement in the turbo fan if so your turbo could well be on the way out is there no warranty on the van see if you can find out if there's any service history
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If oil has been changed then turbo should be ok but fleet vehicles can have missed services & I have heard of company vehicles bering serviced at Halfords to cut costs so I would get this checked out asap.
What's wrong with Halfords? I would probably want to supply the oil or at least discuss it.

My citroen garage doesn't go by the book (ignore items on the service schedule, potentially wrong oil etc), and I'm not overly impressed with the quality of the work, in fact some of it was appalling, so I don't see that main dealer servicing guarantees much.

I've used Halfords in the past, and before that when they were Lex and then Nationwide and they were spot on everytime. My Dads just had a full service at his local and it was probably one or the most comprehensive I've seen and they seemed very honest. Incidentally there was a 1.6hdi in at the time with turbo failure and they were talking to the owner about injector seals, so pretty clued up. My citroen garage won't even discuss turbo issues on these cars with me!

I think it much depends on the people at the individual place. I've had my hands burnt, so I'm vary wary of where I take my cars.
What's wrong with Hellfrauds?? Aside from telling customers they need parts that are not required, completely
incompetent workmanship.....over priced....happy to lie.....until recently their website was recommending the wrong
oil for turbo-diesels despite the fact that they sell the correct stuff....then there's....Oh here's a link:

I wouldn't let them change a spark plug on a lawn mower!
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To answer the question. Halfords might well have used the wrong oil & they may not have used correct oil drain procedure as set out by Citroen.

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