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What is this?
Hello everybody. Looking to solve something that I would imagine is simple but for the life of me I cannot find the answer. Apologies if it has been posted before but I have not found any info.

I have a 64 plate enterprise van, it has a mars bar shaped/size black plastic box stuck to the windscreen where the rear view mirror would go, it has cable coming out of it. What is it for?? Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.
Is this a secondhand car?

It's possible that a previous owner fitted a camera and screen, and that you have there is the mounting bracket/cable termination for the LCD.

If so, check the back. There should be evidence of a camera mount somewhere high up.

Van was purchased new and as far as I am aware is bog standard Enterprise 850KG 90PS. I have uploaded a photo for reference.

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It could be a crash cam - either the complete camera or just the mounting bracket. If so then you should be able to use it. I've ordered one, and will be fitting one to mine soon. This is what mine looks like, but there are lots of variations, with or without a screen...

Is there a lens if you look from the outside of the screen?

Or take some piccies of it.
is it for the rain sensitive wipers ? as my 15 plate enterprise also has it (I don't have rain sensitive wipers but it is an option)
Ah - have seen the photo now, it's not a crash cam.

I don't know, but I think I read on here once about vans having an optional tracker service that you can subscribe to - is that what it's for?
(23-03-2015, 11:41 AM)doofer Wrote:  Ah - have seen the photo now, it's not a crash cam.

I don't know, but I think I read on here once about vans having an optional tracker service that you can subscribe to - is that what it's for?
Could be a tracker. I believe the van has one that is managed by trafficmaster and has a free 3 year subscription (as does the satnav). I would have thought for the "black box" of a tracker would be hidden and not in plain sight for security!
If it uses GPS then it would need to have clear sight of the sky, not within the metal bodywork. It's probably the only place it could go.

I'd hope you can't disable it just by pulling the wire out.
A proper "Tracker" ( as I have fitted by Tracker uk and monitored by them ) not on my Berlingo, is fitted in a hidden location on the vehicle, whereabouts unknown under security guidelines. If I had insisted to be made aware of its location ( I didn't) Tracker uk have to record on the certificate of installation this fact which really any claim made to the insurance in the event of a theft would hinder.
There is nothing visible, ie windscreen mounted equipment to tell the bandits there is a Tracker fitted.( could be connected to the GPS ariel for the satnav I suppose, I don't know )
Obviously there are lesser quality and brands of equipment available that probably do need sight of the sky (again I don't really know )
I've been contemplating an 0806 dash cam with GPS logger aswell ( for my Berlingo ) let us know how you get on  Tongue
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