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ABS problems
I have an intermittent ABS fault lamp up. Local garage diagnosed faulty sensor but this has not cleared it. I get " kick back" through the pedal when braking when no fault lamp is showing. When the fault lamp does come up, the braking becomes smooth and perfect apart from lack of abs.
Local garage thinks faulty ABS unit . Citroen want £79 plus vat per hour for diagnostics and labour, with some £100s for the unit. Added to my recent turbo failure costs are getting out of proportion for a 75 bhp basic 2009 model, so DIY beckons!
I've found the unit inside left wheel arch and replacement looks feasible. Has anyone had a go at this job, got any guidance on sourcing new/serviced unit? Will the new unit need some input from Citroen to integrate it with car software? Problems bleeding system?
May be worth paying for Citroen diagnostics before I get in up to my elbows?
Thanks for any help. I love this car but costs are just getting silly.
Hi boxer cant help with changing abs but how about looking for someone in your area with the citroen/peugeot lexia software as I understand this can diagnose faults in the abs.
There are quite a few members on here with it who may be able to help, and you could try the French car forum website as they have a list of members willing to help.
Are we there yet????? No we fecking ain`t  gggggrrrrrrr
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Does anyone know which is the ABS fuse? Owners manual doesn't identify it ( presumably to make its removal less likely) although there is one referred to as Pump.
I would check the sensors to see if there is any dirt on the ends of the sensors and the trigger ring on the driveshafts is OK . Also the wiring  is not damaged or corroded at the connections.
  The fuse is in the engine fusebox and it may be no 20 @10 amps.
on the front of the fuse box is the abs relay, I had intermitant abs fault although different to yours, citroen said I needed new abs ecu, I changed the relay and its been fine since, mine as I say was intermitant by turning off van and back on would mend it for a while, that's what made me think relay
[Image: 2dedca76-4da1-4bd2-aea1-452ddda68256.jpg]
Thanks Tomcat 3 and Brodfather. I'm starting to wonder about the reluctor ring on front offside. This wheel gave an error code of some sort at the local garage hence sensor replacement. Following this the pedal kickback and noise got worse. I took the sensor out and refitted it and scraped some filth off the visible side of what I though to be the reluctor, and things seem quiter. It seems like any work at that wheel causes a change of some sort(as it could at any wheel perhaps, so I'm not jumping to conclusions). The reluctor ring is, I think, a magnetic type, not the toothed wheel type and seems to be part of the wheel bearing assembly.
I wondered about having a look in there. Does anyone know if the ring can be replaced as a separate item.
Thanks for fuse information. I will proceed with caution.

Thanks again.
Thanks finny. 
Sounds interesting. I'll have a look for it.
Re fuse suggestion. According to the diagram in my owners book, I only have 18 fuses. 2009 model.
"  Re fuse suggestion. According to the diagram in my owners book, I only have 18 fuses. 2009 model. "

                    Yes you are probably  right, but there are a lot of positions for fuses/relays in the engine fuse box that are not used but are numbered.
                      its better quoting a number than say third from the left and four down.  
                       I've 21 including 4 free but they are numbered from F5 to F34   Big Grin
I'm trying to ascertain what type of reluctor ring the 2009 model has on the front wheels. I've seen information which implies the ring is built into a wheel bearing which would mean a bearing replacement is needed when a ring fails. On other sites Ive seen photographs which appear to show the ring sitting in the disc assembly, perhaps indicating that the ring can be replaced without renewing bearings. 
Does anyone have any information on this?

As a separate question, given there is no sign of a Haynes manual, is the Berlingo on a common platform with a C4 Picasso (or other) for which a manual is available, albeit with obvious differences?

Thanks for looking.

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