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Cruise Control Programming Help!
Evening all.

I know it's been covered before but I'm looking for some information on how to program cruise control on my Berlingo.

I have installed the cruise stalk, purchased an interface, diagbox and an XP Laptop. I'm currently running version 7.60 in Diagbox. I can connect the van but every guide I have read is different to what I see on my screen?

If I go Berlingo B9 > Delivery of Vehicle > Accessories ...

I don't have cruise control in this menu?

Have I missed something or is there another way? It's booked in for a service on Monday at Citreon and I'm contemplating getting them to activate it!
These are the notes I made when I did mine with version 7.36

If anybody has copies of the updates to 7.6, I'll do a new set of notes
Thanks for that. It's your guide I have tried to follow, but the menu seems to different. I have the update files for 7.XX to 7.57 and 7.57 to 7.60 I can send you them tomorrow when I'm on my laptop?
Cheers for that
Morning, just thought i'd give an update on this.

I took my van for its 37.5k service on Monday. Being a tight northerner i told them the cruise control had stopped working. I got a phone call about an hour later saying they need extra diagnostic time at £92 an hour. I declined this offer. Picked the van up at 5pm the guy on reception tried to tell me why the cruise control did'nt work but TBH he did'nt have a clue what he was talking about.

Driving home i just thought i'd try it anyway. When i flicked into cruise mode the light came on the dash with my speed and said off and did'nt work. Tried a few times but still nothing. When i got home i plugged my laptop in and went in to the accessories menu and at the bottom the cruise control tab was there. Followed ntm1275's guide and it's now activated. Drove down to Swindon on Wednesday using cruise contol worked a treat.

So yeah all worning and i'm happy now. Just need to turn off the seatbelt warning light and auto-locking now!
That`s great news

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