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Head Light Drivers Side keeps needing replacing
Head light, drivers side, keeps needing to be replaced. Ive changed the bulb a few times recently so im thinking I would have to be really unlucky for it to be a series of faulty bulbs.
Its always the dipped beam that goes, but the full beam works, but obviously I have to change the bulb as full beam is no good to me driving in traffic. Im getting less than ten hours use of the bulb.
He (definitely not a she) is on an 09 plate, and wears a Peugeot badge, but is the same as a Berlingo.
Does anybody have any ideas of whats going wrong?
Meanwhile I'll go and put yet another H4 in ... this one and the next one came from the local Peugeot/Citroen place ....
One other bit of information, is that before this recent spree of H4s, I hadn't noticed any problem with the light, and had been driving more or less care free since getting Berl in the summer, BUT that doesn't mean that the light was working all that time, as I don't generally do night driving , and might not have necessarily been aware if the bulb was not working ... its only now that im aware of something faulty going on that im checking it every night.
I much appreciate any advice.
We're on the road now for the summer, and I don't want to have to come home and park up, and just do shopping trips, otherwise I would have got a pretty little saxo/106.

As it's only the one blowing I would think the alternator voltage is correct, so it's likely to be a loose contact on the bulb holder or a vibration. Check the holder and spring etc.

Also make sure you don't touch the new bulb with your fingers, use a clean cloth. Lastly use good quality bulbs. Once you have cured the problem, consider changing both headlight bulbs to Philips Xtreme 60/55W, about £20 for a pair, but much improved night vision.
MkIII VTR 1.6hdi Modutop, Climate Pack, 16" Alloys
Lidls bulbs seem to last as long as any other brand.
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
I'm as cynical as anyone about premium products - I always get semi-cheap tyres, but I've found that posh headlight bulbs are actually worth paying for.

I've got Philips Xtreme Vision PLUS 130% Extra Light, and they're a big improvement on the factory ones. Mine was about 2 months old when I changed them, so the original bulbs hadn't had chance to get dim, so I know they're a genuine improvement. The difference was almost like night and day.
Thanks for your replies.
The bulb holder seems secure enough, although I must say this vehicle vibrates like a proper tin can van ;-)
I used to go through headlamp bulbs on my B9 van at a fast rate, until I switched to the more expensive heavy duty ones sold by Halfords, which are advertised as being for vans, rather than cars. I haven't bought a bulb for ages now.

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