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Engine Management Light with LPG
Hi I've recently purchased a 2005 Berlingo van, 1.4 with petrol /lpg dual fuel.
I've been driving it for a few days now with the same load and driving style, no problems, but today the Engine Management Light came on. At the time I had been driving for about 15 minutes on lpg before the light came on. Now the light switches off when you switch it to run on petrol, and back on again when lpg is switched on. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?
Many Thanks.
Most probably the fuel mix on your LPG side is out and needs calibrating.

If you have a code reader, the code will be stored telling you a bit more about it. On mine, it has came on in the past on LPG when it was running lean, so the mix of fuel to air is out of the accepted parameters.

Clearly it's running fine on Petrol.

The LPG ECU needs adjusting and it's really a job for an LPG installer to correct.

What make is the LPG system? Best option is to find someone local that services that make.
Thanks for the reply. It's the Citroen factory fitted LPG system. Unfortunately I haven't got a code reader but if the problem is as you say it might be, do you know roughly how much it would cost to fix?
I didn't realise citroen had done some factory fitted ones, but you'll still need to look at the ECU to see what system it is as the LPG person you use will need the interface lead and the software to connect to it.

Assuming there are no underlying faults ie injector problems etc then it's down to labour costs and how long someone spends calibrating it.

Best way forward is to find what system you have, find a local installer who deals with that system who can connect to the ECU and get him to see why it's throwing on the EML.
Ok doesn't sound too bad, I'll get on to that soon then, really appreciate your help!
Whereabouts are you based?

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