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[Brakes] How long should Brake Pads Last
I had my Brake disc's and Pads changed nearly 11,000 miles ago. I have been driving the van sensibly and not putting extra wear and tear on it by thrashing it about. There is a grinding noise coming from the nearside front wheel when I brake, the sound is like the pads need changing. How long should the pads roughly last.
How long is a piece of string? I was in the motor trade & the answer is anything between 5 & 100,000m.My Berlingo has 43,000m & the pads are less than half worn.Your problem may not be harsh braking but siezed callipers,flexhoses degrading or something else.Check everything carefully.
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You've probably just got a stone or other fod stuck in there, if outer and inner pads not worn equally then you have a sticky calliper.
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The only other thing i can think of is the quality of the brake pad's ??
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As Ron said, it depends on the driver, but I've found from driving 2 early Berlingos and one B9 Berlingo that the front pads tended to last roughly 63,000 miles, and the rear pads more than twice that mileage. I've found that the front disks tend to last about twice the mileage of the front pads eg. 125,000 miles, and I also only needed to buy rear disks for my B9 Berlingo after covering about 300,000 miles.
Thanks for the replies. I know the previous brake pads did at least 25,000 miles and I have been driving the van exactly the same. I will report back once I know what the problem is.
Good luck.
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ive put 80k on my van since may last year,still same pads and shoes,checked at last oil change and all's still fine,but then again,i hate to brake pmsl
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I've just had the same problem along with a bloody annoying whistle. Today I stripped the pads out and there are rough grooves possibly cracks in 2 pads, well within the perimeter of the pads so probably a manufacturing error. I've yet to check the other side but will be changing all of them anyway, these pads are Pagid and with only 20,000 on the clock and the last set did 60,000. Does anyone know what make original pads are as I'm not keen on Pagid again!
Pagid are normally OK.Other good uns are:- Brembo,ATE,Bendix,Unipart,Ferodo & lots more.
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