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Noob to the berlingo game.
Hi guys

Just bought an '02 berlingo. It needs a full service and a lot of cleaning! Ha ha. It's a 2.0HDI.

So my noob questions are.........

Best oil brand
Best oil filter brand
Best air filter brand

It needs new front shocks so are the Sachs/Bilstein/KYB/Anschler preferred?

Other than that is there anything I need to do? I know from 5 series BMW ownership it's advised to remove the swirl plates so anything like that is greatly received as well as links to any pertinent threads

The van is going to be used solely at weekends for transporting my Enduro and trials bikes around with it being used as a camper when required. It's not getting a fit out for the sleeping, just a blow mattress so that's not a requirement.

Looking forward to small van ownership.


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There is a thread on oils but Total of the correct grade is good.A good branded filter is best.Look at GSF for parts & prices.Olpie oils do good prices.
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Total Quartz INEO MCF is compatible and Nielsens are the best value.
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I find Asda or Wikinson oil works just as well as any other. But I also use washing up liquid in the screenwash, despite this apparently causing all kinds of damage (it doesn't by the way).

Halfords would go bust if everyone was like me.
Asda oil, KYB shocks from GSF, I bought 5 genuine Citroen filters off EBay for £12 and some air filters a while ago.

Asda and Halfords oil are both actually Comma oil... same stuff, different price!

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(05-04-2015, 08:38 PM)mikep1973 Wrote:  Asda and Halfords oil are both actually Comma oil... same stuff, different price!

While it may be supplied by comma, it doesn't mean it is the same as branded comma oil.
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Do they spit in it because it's going to the cheapskate shops?
(09-04-2015, 08:04 PM)doofer Wrote:  Do they spit in it because it's going to the cheapskate shops?

The opposite possibly (similar to branded/supermarket petrol), they don't spit the same amount of additives in. Base oil would kill most engines, the magic is all in the additives these days.
Mar 2002 Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D 166,000 miles
I'd bet that if the buyer from some massive chain store turns up and asks for their oil with a different label then that will be exactly what they get. I can't imagine that they'd put up with getting something inferior. I'd have thought that the additives themselves cost almost nothing - it's the research and knowledge that costs, but they've already covered that cost.

It's more likely that they're taking both ends of the market - the tightwads pay the low price, those who want to pay more can do if they want to.

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