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Clutch cable swap from auto to manual adjuster
Hiya all...

  I have an auto adjuster clutch cable on my 1.9d van 05 plate.
 Does anyone know if it can be converted to a manual adjuster ? The bite point is on the floor even with a new cable and the cables cost a fortune..

The only difference is that you need to use a spanner to adjust the cable.

Bite point on the floor?
Sounds like something else is wrong, really.
(These cables can be a bit tricky to install correctly. Do it wrong and the auto-adjuster gets messed up. It's possible to fix, but requires opening stuff never meant to be opened))
I would rather adjust with a spanner, I am not keen on 'auto' when adjustment is that easy..

I have ordered a cable from Steelers for £95.. !

I have looked at the pedal and all seems good, I was hoping it was the type with the plastic bush running through it but sadly not. There are 20 odd types of arrangement apparently ...

I also ordered a new clutch fork lever and bush for bearing just incase the clutch needs changing..
Sorry if this is insulting but did you remove the keeper clip on the autoadjust?
Mar 2002 Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D 166,000 miles
Pull the spare cable at the gearbox and put a cable U clamp on it as long as you know your clutch is in good condition. I used to do it on my old Escort which ran out of adjustment with thousands of miles left on the friction plate.
So where does this bit go then ?
ddb.. What is a keeper clip ??
iirc the clutch cable comes with adjuster compressed and a clip holding it "closed", this clip needs to be removed after cable is fitted to release the adjuster.

Or perhaps I'm getting mixed up with another car. I'm moving house and all my manuals are packed and buried.
Mar 2002 Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D 166,000 miles
You are right !
Oh right, thanks for that. There isn't a clip on the cable that I can see, the cable moves freely.. Why would the bite point be on the floor ??
The auto adjuster is in a box arrangement in the approx. middle of the cable (at least on earlier models than yours ) . It sits under the engine on the subframe. It is a part of the cable and when fitting, the cable is put into place then the clip holding the two ends of the cable spring out and take up any slack in the outer cable. It doesn't  adjust the inner cable only the outer cable.
If at the gearbox or pedal end of the cable there is a lot of slack in the outer cable,  the auto adjuster may not have been fitted correctly.
If it has been fitted correctly then other faults may be causing your probs.    ie Wrong cable , pedal bushes,  clutch lever bushes or the rubber spacer washer missing.

Do what ffrenchie suggests

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