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Good evening all. I'm looking a getting a Multispace Mk 3 ( 2010 reg?), 1.6 Hdi.. Mostly as I have two small children but also as I'm into hill walking, camping, fishing and cycling and need a versatile utility vehicle. I have had 3 Mk 2 versions, 2 x 2.0 Hdi and one on 06 plate which was 1.6 Hdi.. The latter was a bad experience as the Turbo went on it at about 50k and shortly after costing me a small fortune.

1. Is the Mk 3 1.6 Hdi engine the same as the 2006 model I had
2. Is turbo collapse common on these, I know that they are very oil specific but all my cars had FSH ( for what that's worth??)
3. Is there anything to look out for on the Mk 3
4. What are the options for dog guards

Kind regards
Hello Montydog welcome to the forum The engine are basically the same the oil need's to be changed more often than the manual say every 8,000 mile's but if your doing a lot of stop start or cold running every 6,000 mile's to stop the sludge build up in the sump and pipe work will help not every 12,500 mile's the turbo also when you come to turn off the engine let it tick over for 30 / 40 seconds to cool the turbo bearing's all should be OK .
Make sure it does not overly pull to the left on the test drive
Look for oil / fuel around the injector's if there is walk away
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Thanks Jed for the advice

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