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ECU software: This probably affects all DW8 1.9D engines
A certain master tech wrote (pasted below) that the ECU software needs to be updated at the dealer.  Apparently this engine has a known problem with the ECU related to the advance solenoid.  I will ask the dealer and see what they're willing/able to tell me.

Relatedly, I've had:
Replaced Advance Solenoid
Still the occasional random "automatic revving" of the engine
Current lack of acceleration at RPM's over 2800 (MAF sensor, TPS sensor, I don't know yet)

Ok so here's the posting from the web, the guy had a bunch of misdiagnosis issues that led to replacing all the injectors without any solution.

Berlingo 1.9D:
Berlingo woes! Please help! - brayer 
hi there
i work as a master technician in a peugeot dealer ,as you know this is the same vehicle as a peugeot partner,this is a know problem with this engine all you need to do is ask your citroen dealer to download new software in to the engine ecu ,the fault is caused by the advance solenoid in the injector pump locking up,when turning off ignition this resets it.and the fault goes away for a while.i'm surprised they haven't done this yet but i see no mention of it in your message.also be very careful of the oil level in this engine as being slightly overfilled will cause rattling and smokeing problems.hope this is some help
paul bray
[Image: 177657.png]   2004 1.9D DW8 WJY with black spray paint on wheels instead of flimsy plastic wheel covers.
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