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Internal/external temp. gauge.
Hi all,

Just bought an internal/external temperature gauge from my local Lidl store. Cost 5 Euros, so it was worth a try! I have attached photos and, yes , the temperatures are correct! Mounted easily in front of 'speedo' cluster and wire to outside is very thin so placing the sensor outside the vehicle was not too much hassle. Best place I could find for the outside sensor was under the wheel arch behind the splash shroud. Seems to work well, just thought I would share!

Regards to all,

El Berlingo Confusedunny:Confusedunny:Confusedunny:

Hi, Sorted out photo problem and here they are! Have made some slight alterations since taken (moved display to left of speedo cluster and above so as to hide all of cable run) but essentially the same.

Regards, El BerlingoConfusedunny:Confusedunny:Confusedunny:
[Image: 2hf8g45.jpg]
[Image: 531dsw.jpg]
Thanks for posting that, El Berlingo.

I got one of these in Lidl a few months ago - because it was cheap. But not being at all technical (and you can underline the words "at all" half a dozen times) - have not yet attempted to connect it up. It just sits in our glovebox, and gives us the glovebox temperature! Curiously enough, even though the two sensors are sitting right beside each other, they don't give exactly the same temperature; there is usually a difference of about a degree.
Hi Northman,

Yes, I experienced the same results when setting the unit up on my desk. However, having used the device for a couple of days now, I have been able to compare the readings with other temperature references. Give or take a degree not too far out. Certainly the outside sensor seems pretty accurate. The main issue with the unit is to keep it out of direct sunlight as this gives falsely high interior readings. But, for the price, not bad!

Regards, El Berlingo Confusedunny:Confusedunny:Confusedunny:
Just need a piece of brightly coloured and wrinkled gaffer tape across the dash to secure the wiring and finish the job off neatly....:whistle::whistle::whistle::lol::lol::lol:
Berlingo Multispace 2.0HDI '54 reg Mediterranean Blue
(10-08-2011, 10:02 AM)andy-womble Wrote:  Just need a piece of brightly coloured and wrinkled gaffer tape across the dash to secure the wiring and finish the job off neatly....:whistle::whistle::whistle::lol::lol::lol:

Ah, already ahead of the game! New location just in front of screen on dash makes for a neater job! Cable now only has a short run of about 3 ins. before it slips under the rubber seal and out the door!

Regards, El Berling Confusedunny:Confusedunny::wave:

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