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ECU scanner
hello everyone

hopefully someone here will be able to tell me which scanner will suit my vehicle & which protocol it runs - tried a Citroen dealer & all they could say was they'd have to plug it into their computer to tell me anything

1999 Berlingo VP 1.4
VIN: VF7MCKFXF65364754
RPO: 8275
short van "800"
right hand drive
TUJ3P engine
5 speed manual
Sagem SL96-9 ECU

thanks in advance

Depends what your wanting to do?
If its to scan for fault codes Lexia interface cables and software is the way to go. (Same as dealers computer)
If its to remap ECU different software/interface cable will be requires 
2001 1.9D Multispace.
Diagbox diagnostics in Northumberland.
[+] 1 user says Thank You to malgpz900 for this post
thank you Malcolm

so this item fits the bill? includes connectors, adaptor & software
Yes that's the type. Make sure you get support from the seller when buying. Some have problems with the installation of the software depending on which operating system you have.
2001 1.9D Multispace.
Diagbox diagnostics in Northumberland.
XP here,, from what i've read that should work fine
i installed and activated LEXIA-347.01

i also installed diagbox 5.02 - do i need this? and if so how do i activate it
activation page says
PC identifier: 4016010984
version number: 05
activation number: 7535
XX (what do i input here)
XX (what do i input here)

also, having never used this before, what steps do i need to follow to use it?
boot up computer
plug interface box into USB port & OBDII connector in car
start LEXIA program
turn car ignition to ON (but not start)
select F2 in LEXIA platform to run diagnostics

any further assistance would be very much appreciated as i'll be working on the car first thing in the Aussie morning
hi.    the patch is in pp2000.........install introduce folder........lexia-345-keygen folder follow the instructions in this folder
you should have two discs       1. diagbox and ............[ 1. lexia3.   pp2000. the files you need are on this disc ] when you have generated the patch very long letters and numbers, type that in space, don't copy & paste. with luck you should be up and running.
                 when you open keygen you put that info into the blank spaces then generate.                                                                                                                                           cheers

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