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Help me buy the right Berlingo please!
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Hi all,

Newbie to forum posting and Berlingos!

I'm looking at 2 possible Berlingo Multispaces at the moment - maybe y'all can offer your opinions on which would be the better pick as I am basically clueless!! I want it for use as my regular car and also for weekend camper-vanning with an Amdro boot jump   Big Grin   I'm very excited about the whole prospect!

Option 1: 2011 VT 1.6HDi 90 bhp, 66000 miles, 1 owner from new - looks a well used car with a few bumps, scratches and cracked windscreen but dealer/garage promises me that will all be sorted before it's sold. 12 months warranty and a bonus for me is that it's being sold by a local garage so handy to bring back if things do go wrong under warranty!

Option 2: 2011 VTR 1.6 HDi 75 bhp, 22000 miles, 1 owner from new, full service history. 12 months warranty too but significantly further away so would be more difficult to get back to garage under warranty. Haven't seen this one in the flesh yet so can't comment on bodywork etc.

Not much in the price difference and I'll be haggling once I know what I want!!

My main question at the moment is - how much does the difference in bhp make?  Huh
And anyone know the difference between VT vs VTR trim? Even with google's help I can't really work it out!

I'd appreciate anyone's wisdom/opinion!

Thanks!  Smile
Welcome to the forum.
Just my 2 pennorth I would never buy a car on  the promise that it will be sorted before it is sold, tell them to give you a call when it IS sorted then go and see it.

2012 Iron Grey XTR 110 with lots of bits and bobs.
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Hello dangermouse welcome to the forum if the VT first one has not got a full service history do not bye it.
Second one VTR is a better speck but only 75 bhp a little less power but not to bad .
Other thing's do you want air cone some model's of VT / VTR do not have it so check for that.
Make sure it does not pull hard to the left some do but most don't .
Don't rush to get one there are plenty out there at a good price so take your time the right one will come along.
If you want an higher speck one go for the XTR .
Go for the 90 or 110 or 115 BHP just as good on fuel.
The rest is up to you.  Smile
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Hello there,

Power versus speed/ drive-ability. Yes a more powerful engine with more horsepower will be better if you load up with the camping load. But remember its not a GTi so you will be just driving along the road. The Berlingo drives better with a load than with-out, well the van does...

In terms of the service history... Idea make sure if the model you buy has done more than 50,000 miles, it has had a new timing chain installed, & make sure you change a timing chain every 50,000 after that. Service history is really a must have for 2-hand. plenty to of choice out there...

My two-pence worth. Bill Smile
Opps..! Did I say that..! Tongue
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Thanks for all info guys - so what you're saying is Full Service History is important. BHP less so! And don't trust garages!!

I'm in Ireland so there's not a huge choice of Berlingos coming up for sale near me and I'm keen to get it before summer!

Loads of useful info on here, what a great resource!! Big Grin
A full service history is a must  Smile
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

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