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Starting problem
Hi, can anyone shed any light on a starting problem with my 1.9d, if I park facing uphill, it seems fuel is running back causing the car not to start without using the manual primer pump. Im on holiday so limited access to tools etc.
Any suggestions to look at?

51 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte
I'll state the obvious ,
Park facing downhill

or try a local auto parts shop to see if they have a one way fuel valve/bulb primer . The early berlingos had them , you might have one fitted on yours at the moment , which may be needing replaced as it should have a one way valve in it.
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It may be a small air leak allowing fuel to return to the tank.Look for small damp patch(es) in fuel lines.
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Thanks for that, might just go for 'thoughtful parking' till I get home then take a proper look.
51 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte
And yesterday it decides to do it again, RAC diagnose as in-tank pump. Local motor factors saying there is no in-tank pump for that model. Any ideas before investigating injection pump?
51 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte
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Have you checked the fuel filter top?Sometimes they split & allow air in.Just trying to save you from spending big.
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Everyone I speak to thinks the pump cant be gone as if I start it with the help of some easy start, it runs way too well, no shortage of power, and as clean as you like. Noticing a little foaming around the manual primer when pumping that so im leaning towards that area.
51 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte
I often say this ... with any suspected airleak on a diesel fuel line ( air will often leak in but diesel not not leak out ) use some Plasticine to temporarily seal the area and see how you get on. Only try this on one area at a time to assist diagnosis.

Long time since I looked at an M49, has it got a clear pipe connecting to the injection pump ? useful for seeing air passing.
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If the diaphragm in the manual pump is holed then that is probably your problem .

There is no pump in the tank on your model.

The injection pump sucks the fuel from the tank so any leak in the fuel pipe will tend to draw air but still run well.
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Got it to a garage, they checked out any fault codes, all thats showing is Mass Air Flow Meter failed, with it disconnected at the moment, warm starts seem cleaner and idle is much smoother. Could the MAF sensor be my problem and the cause for being unable to cold start?
51 plate Berlingo Multispace Forte

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