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2013 Berlingo seat change / cockpit mods?
Hey all, new to the forum and I am deciding to try to mod my berlingo..

I have a 2013 enterprise and in the last year I have done around 33000 miles in it.. It's not great on the motorways as the comfort level is pretty low.

I was going to trade it in and purchase a new van but the thought of facing a £18k bill for a transit connect or similar is not ideal.

Have any of you modified the drivers seat? Swapped it, removed the bulkhead to allow more leg room or to make the driving position more motorway friendly?

I am thinking about changing the sound system as well, can't hear much at 75mph (music is fine, voice is hard to hear)

Can anyone recommend any companies that do such things?
Buy a Multispace and make a custom bulkhead? You then get a nice seat and lots of sound deadening.
What's a multispace? A different vehicle?
same as yours but the regular people carrier version.
It depends whether back windows are a good or bad thing of course, but a Multispace makes almost as good a van as the van version. The only real differences are you lose a bit of load space due to all the plastic panels and it's carpeted. Plus you get extra space where the rear passengers' feet would normally go - I think this is a separate compartment on the van. This can be an annoyance though, as it's a more awkward shape for carrying loads.

Lining a van might make it a bit quieter. If the original stereo's not loud enough then it's blooming noisy.

I could (and do) sit in my Multispace for long journeys. The seat's very comfy, and both fronts have armrests too. I'd say it's better than most cars. The only annoyance is the left-offset pedals really. The leather steering wheel's nice too, but this isn't (yet) a feature that's available even as an option in the UK - I bought it as a standalone part.
I agree, do consider the Multispace. The rear passenger footwells you get on these (and not the van) I find to be quite a useful bit of storage space. Depends on what you carry but I load them up with dust sheets and it's a perfect space for these bulky items, and so easy to get to from either of the two side doors - which is something most of the vans don't have.

2010 B9 Multispace VTR 1.6 Petrol 90hp
Thanks all, I deally I dont want to be buying and selling my vehicle, I was looking at the option of buying a transit connect or VW caddy but hopiing this could be more cost effective as I own my 63 plate Berlingo.

The biggest issue is the bulkhead does not allow the seat to go back very far.. I am thinking about removing the bulkhead and ply lining to seeing what options that opens up regarding compatible seats and maybe remapping the ECU and adding some alloys to improve the drive etc I could probably do all that for under £800 ... maybe.

Does remapping invalidate citroen warranty, I would imagine so..
if so can they detect its been remapped?
I used to pick-up vans from auctions, I've seen loads of vans where the bulkhead has been remodelled with a sledge hammer to give that extra inch or two that makes all the difference. I guess a 2013 might be a bit new for such treatment.
Mar 2002 Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D 166,000 miles
The vans have a plate spot welded over what would have been the passenger footwells -shouldnt be too hard to unpick.
The mapping ,like just about anything else, will invalidate warranty but only if its found.
Routine servicing /Mot testers will not be looking for it unless the exhaust emissions are outside the limits.
Unless you're planning an RTA with a fatality, then its unlikely to ever come to light.
The bulkhead will keep the cab warmer/cooler and much better soundproofed - you're better with it than without it.
How about making a custom one for your requirements,further back on the drivers side perhaps(bearing in mind access from the side door)
I'm amazed they just completely waste all the rear footwell space in the van version, as there's a big space there. It's an annoyance for some loads where you need a level floor, but surely a hinged or removable cover would be an obvious thing to have - I thought I'd read that the vans did have this, must be wrong. It would be a perfect place for tools, butties and flask etc. But you would need to unload to get to it.

I use my Multispace as a business delivery van, with the seats removed, and I often put quite a bit of stuff in that extra space.

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