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[Engine] Pulling the hair out of my gasket!
I have just rebuilt my 1.9 DW8 from the Head gasket up, (first time ever and think I have done an okay job)
However, I am pulling my hair out as oil leaking from rocker cover gasket- (I think!)

The gasket set I bought on line included a lower gasket for the rocker cover which has a raised profile for inserting into a recess in the underside of the head's cover. ( Which I learnt since fitting)

My head's cover is flat and so naively it just buckled the gasket, which popped out at various places along the way.

I tried with some Red silicone gasket sealer as well as the ill-fitting gasket and then silicone on its own, but the oil still came -And not just a leak, copious amounts spitting from the the back of the engine enough to soak the surrounding parts.

When I went to 'Fast parts', their computer said that if the cover is the sort without a recess only a Peugeot gasket will fit it! 

Does anyone know where I can get one of these or do I have to go to Peugeot? 

Other question, should the silicone be enough on it's ow? Should I have waited longer than an hour for it to go off?-the guy in the shop said it was instant!
I think you have the answer get yourself a genuine Citroen / Peugeot gasket.

Unfortunately where gaskets are concerned genuine are usually much better than the crap pattern ones.
In my experience, aftermarket gaskets can vary in quality, some are just useless, always buy genuine ones.
I wouldn't mix a gasket and sealant too, a good gasket is enough on it's own.
Get a genuine one and torque down correctly, too tight and you'll probably split it.
No gasket needed! Anyone else with this problem, Peugeot parts service told me that the flat-type rocker covers on these engines (which have NO recess), should be sealed with a silicone, such as locktite!

Thanks for advice though.
I thought I'd seen that in Haynes but couldn't find it again, I'd go Hylomar Blue every time, its never let me down.
Mar 2002 Berlingo Multispace Forte 1.9D 166,000 miles

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