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Engine, instant stalling/restarting
I've got a 1.6Hdi (75) 2006 Berlingo Multispace XTR with an intermittent problem. Note I'll describe this a a stall and restart but it's a complete stop in power and I don't know how to better describe it. Background, when new (first year or so) accelerating on motorway, hit 70 back off the acc slightly to maintain speed, instant stall and restart, enough to throw you forward in your seat, happened a few times haven't had the problem since.
Now it's started again but more frequently, mostly on acceleration, nearly every day, several times a day sometimes, and always before it reaches normal operating temp, happening at about 70 deg c, normal is about 90. I don't get a chance to see if any warning lights illuminate on the dash as it happens so quick I haven't got the time to look. For your info a new fuel filter was fitted last year and the priming bulb hasn't had any air in it when I check.
I've asked a diesel specialist and they say it sounds more like an electrical fault, so I went into Citroen today and they said hooking the engine up for a diagnostic is the first port of call, the thing is it's a "how long is a piece of string question" with an intermittent fault and dealer labour is expensive.
The diesel specialist suggested I try here before taking it further just to see if anyones experienced the same problem. The chap at Citroen said he'd never had the fault, similar but not the same, ie full stalls, he mentioned a few potential causes, fuel rail pressure sensors etc.
So, over to you, anyone had anything like it?
One of the first thing's to check is the lead's coming off the battery earth and live make sure they have not cracked or broken under the plastic and moving a part then touching again causing a moment of lost of power
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(19-05-2015, 06:54 PM)Jed Clampit Wrote:  One of the first thing's to check is the lead's coming off the battery earth and live make sure they have not cracked or broken under the plastic and moving a part then  touching again causing a moment of lost of power

Thanks for taking the time Jed, much appreciated. I've checked them and they're all fine, so none the wiser really. I bought a set of ramps today to have a look under the car and it's thrown a leaking water pump seal.
With that in mind it has to go back to the garage that fitted it with the timing belt last Feb, so I've asked them to do an engine diagnostic at the same time to see if there are any obvious error codes which might be showing the fault re stalling. They've asked to do it this Friday or it'll have to be a few week, I'll report back whatever.
Getting under it also showed me a leak in what I assume is the power steering rack...oh joy...look for one thing and find 2 others....doh!!!!
The symptoms sound like a fault I had with the crank-sensor but you need to plug it into a fault code reader to be sure.
Definitely a second vote for the crank sensor, maybe the water leak from the pump is getting into the electrical plug, it's directly below the water pump.
Thanks John and Lighty Wink . The car's in the garage now and the diagnostic has thrown up a intermittent/loss of signal from the crank sensor as you suggested, I've asked them to replace it and we'll take it from there, I'll report back if it's fixed the issue.
I don't think the water leak was affecting it L, it's too slow a leak....but you never know...hopefully now both fixed.
Well so far so good, no re occurrences so far in the week so hopefully it's fixed :-)

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