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Petrol in a Diesel!
Well, it was going to happen one day ......

Last night my partner Angie rang me to say she'd put 18 litres of unleaded into the diesel tank! Realising her mistake while paying, she didn't switch the ignition on and waited for RAC recovery. So, the car's now back home.

The car was on zero when she put the fuel in so my guess is there was very little in the tank before the unleaded went in. I've managed to siphon out about 17 litres into a large container and will try and draw more out later today.

Just wondering what would be the best way forward then and hence this post Blush . I purchased 20 litres of diesel last night and have this to hand.

If anyone has any suggestions, I'd really appreciate hearing from you.

As the AA were involved in the recovery I'm suprised they didn't offer their fuel assist service
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As you have got so much out I would fill it to the brim and drive it. As the level drops to say 3/4 tank keep topping it up and you shouldn't have a problem.
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Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, I made a mistake in my post - it was the RAC not the AA that attended. They don't routinely offer the fuel assist service - instead they have to haul the vehicle to one of their 'places' and a cost of £200.

We decided to get the Berlingo home and contact our usual garage if necessary.
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i done the same thing a while ago well i put £40 worth of petrol in mine.called the aa and he charged me over £200 to get it out.....very easy job if you have a 2.0 hdi. but as said above fill it with derv and it should be the mix would be very weak.
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Yup! Done this on my Passat years ago and put 5 litres of petrol into an almost empty some advice and filled it with diesel
and popped in a double dose of Millers Diesel additive with no problems, so you're good to go.
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You beat me to Ol'Jeffers don't forget the millers  Smile
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I did that years ago at Holyhead going to Ireland, must have been 75% petrol 25% diesel, got over there ok, wouldnt start next day, Irish breakdown bled system and got it going with no comment about the strong smell of petrol.
Was ok as long as you kept revs up and light throttle, kept topping up with diesel, 
Main long term problems can be rubber ( type ) seals and wash out of oil lubrication ( so I am told )
Stick a cap full of two stroke oil in there and fill it with diesel and you'll be good to go. A work colleague of mine did the opposite, a gallon of diesel in his petrol tank. He filled it up with petrol and ran it out but for a while it was like James Bond leaving a smoke screen. Big Grin
So where does this bit go then ?

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